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This is the place, this is the time. Bring us up into the light; up through the ashes. Let the one who will rule be born. Let us serve the Lord of the Ashes!

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Setting: Ellan'shik2010-08-02 06:37:18, as written by Lilikins
"Stop!" A woman screamed horrifically from a nearby shop in the main district.

A man dressed in dirty leather emerged from the store, carrying a small bag close to him, running for dear life.

"My jewels, my jewels! Guards! Stop that thief!" The woman plead, stepping out of the store, pointing in the man's direction.

Lucinda heard the commotion, rushing to the source. Her eyes widened as she seen the distressed woman shouting, Lucinda quickly rushed to her.

"My lady, don't you worry. I shall retrieve your belongings." She said calmly, placing a pale hand on the shoulder of the woman, revealing a gold bracelet to signify those of the guardians.

"Lucinda!" The woman proclaimed in shock, noticing the bracelet and staff Lucinda carried. "Oh please help me, please!" She begged, covering her eyes and loudly sobbing.

Lucinda nodded, pulling her hand away. Her eyes glared at the man in the distance, still running.

"Tykie! Here boy!" She yelled, clicking her tongue. Horse hooves clucked against the ground, becoming louder and louder in Lucinda's direction. A pure white stallion emerged from behind her, slowing it's step. Lucinda smiled, grasping the horse's mane lightly and propping herself up on it. The man was still running, almost at the other end of the city now.

Lucinda clicked her tongue again, very lightly nudging the horse's side to signal him to move. Tykie snorted, dashing forward through the crowd, people quickly clearing his way. The man's figure became closer and closer, when suddenly, Lucinda was directly behind him.

"Stop, please!" She warned, Tykie carrying her closely behind the man. The man ignored her, continuing to sprint down the lane. "I warned you.." She muttered, bringing her free hand to her lips, injecting her fingers into her mouth and letting out a loud whistle. A small bark was heard behind her, a golden dog running soon beside her, launching itself onto the man.

"Get him, Kiba!" She screamed, the dog tackling the man, biting his ankle fiercely. The man hollered in pain, trying to kick Kiba off, resulting in Kiba biting harder.

Lucinda pushed herself off Tykie, stepping forward to the man, her staff tied behind her back.

"Settle down, Kiba." She said softly, resulting in the dog pulling back. She crouched down before the man, who was clutching his ankle in pain. Lucinda extended a hand to him. "Jewels, please?" She said, slightly tilting her head to the side.

The man gave her an angry look, using his free hand to grab the sack beside him, slowly handing it to her.

"Promise not to ever do this again?" She asked as the sack reached her hand, her eyes not leaving the man's gaze."

The man gave her a troubled look, then after a few seconds, nodded his head. "Y-yeah. I p-promise." He said, a shocked expression on his face.

Lucinda smiled, slowly getting up and walking back to Tykie. "I never want to see you again, get out." She said softly, placing the small sack into a large bag which hung from the side of the horse.

"W-wait!"" The man proclaimed, standing up, wincing at the pain that shook through him as he stood. "You're not...going to kill me?" He asked, a confused expression on his face.

Lucinda sighed, propping herself back onto Tykie, watching Kiba slowly take his place beside them. She could feel the towns people's gaze at her back.

"An eye for an eye, in turn, will leave the whole world blind. Now go, before the other guards find you." She whispered, loud enough for only him to hear.

The man thanked her, slightly bowing as he winced again. As fast as his crippled body could, he turned around, running out the city gates.

Lucinda watched him leave, then slowly tugged on Tykie's mane, turning them around. The citizens shook their heads, turning away, returning back to a normal afternoon.