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This is the place, this is the time. Bring us up into the light; up through the ashes. Let the one who will rule be born. Let us serve the Lord of the Ashes!

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Setting: Arhk'morina2010-08-02 10:23:21, as written by Lilikins
After the incident, Lucinda returned the jewels to the woman, who thanked and blessed her, as usual.

Once the long day as guardian ended, Lucinda returned home, walking inside to see her parents packing.

"Mama, Papa, where are we going?" She asked aloud, removing the hood of her cloak from her head.

Her mother tied a sack shut, placing it on their dining table. "We're heading North, your father and I will have better business there."

A confused expression came among Lucinda's face, glaring at her mother. "Better business, Mama, this is the biggest marketing town in the East, we're doing just fine here, and why to the North, do you have any idea how harsh the conditions are there?"

Her father walked into the room, carrying a stack of blankets. "Enough!" He yelled, dropping them onto the floor. "Your mother and I have lived here our whole life, it's time for change.." He admitted, walking back into the bedroom, Lucinda quickly rushing after him.

"Papa, what about Grandfather's store? Your family has owned this for generations, and what about me being a Guardian? I have to give it up!?" She demanded, lifting her hands up as she spoke, trying to reason with her father.

"Lucy.." He said softly, turning around. "Grandfather would appreciate this. We're opening our senses for change. Plus, look at you, you've never even seen any other race besides us humans. We need to get you out into the world, Lucy." He sighed, lifting up a large chest from the ground, walking past her.

Lucinda walked back out after him, her glance shifting to her mother, glaring in plead. Her mother shook her head, sighing.
"We've informed the instructor of your future absence. Now hurry, pack up."

Tears beamed in Lucinda's eyes as she turned around, stomping up the set of stairs in anger. All her memories of her grandfather lied within the walls of this store, as well as her childhood embedded into the city. She angrily packed her belongings into a set of bags, her soft cotton dresses, under attire, sets of boots, gloves, soaps, and other items she might need.

She pulled the two bags over her shoulders, marching back down the stairs. Her eyes glanced around the room, her home had been cleared out.

"Lucinda." Her mother said softly, waiting at the back door, extending it open for her. Lucinda nodded, walking outside, seeing a large cart filled with their belongings. She placed her bags among them, her mother sliding in front of the cart next to her father.

Lucinda clicked her tongue, Tykie and Kiba emerging from the other side of the house.
"We're leaving guys.." She said slowly, then biting her tongue from anger. She hopped onto Tykie, who slowly followed the cart.

"It's a long trip, be prepared." Her father warned, then signaling the horses to go.

Lucinda pulled up her hood as her family passed through the city, waving their goodbyes at the fellow townspeople.
In all honesty, she was frightened. She had never been to the North, but had heard horrible stories about it, and the people who resided there.

Her father did not lie, for the trip indeed did last days. The family stopped at night to rest up, and rose early the next day to continue their trip.

As they traveled, the climate greatly changed. The green disappeared, and blizzards ripped around them as they traveled.

Finally, the awaited day came, they entered a town in the North. Lucinda despised it already. The cold air stung her face as her father handed coin to the tax collector, Tykie continuing to follow the cart as it emerged into the town. Lucinda's eyes widened as she glared at the difference in the community. She'd heard about the other races, and everything she heard about them, had seemed to remain true.

After traveling through the town, her parents stopped in front of a small shack looking house. Her mother and father slipped from the front of the cart, pulling their thick clothing tighter around themselves.

"So, how you doing, Lucy?" Her father asked with a cocky smile as he began unloading the cart. Her mother walked into the shack, examining around and nodding, knowing it needed much work, but it was manageable.

Lucy sighed, sliding off Tykie, walking over to help her father. He shook his head, shrugging her off as he picked up a large chest.

"Go on, explore." He said, nodding his head to the distance, signaling her to leave.

"But..what about you and Mama..?" She asked, pulling away. Her father shook his head.

"Don't you worry, and I'll feed Tykie, go on."

Lucida frowned, nodding. She walked over to Tykie, placing a hand on his face, softly kissing his large nose. "I'll be back in a bit, ok? Watch over Mama and Papa for me." Tykie snorted in retort, kicking one of his back legs. Lucinda smiled, whistling softly for Kiba to follow her.

As she walked around the gathering of shops, she smiled softly to herself. "At least I fit in somewhat, huh Kiba?" She joked, looking at some of the local's pale skin. Kiba barked, wagging his tail as he walked beside her.

Lucinda squinted her eyes as she walked towards a large crowd, wondering what the commotion was about. She stood in the back, crossing her arms, glaring at the armor that was up for bid. Kiba laid down beside her, continuing to wag his tale. Her gaze shifted from the armor to the man that spoke, wondering what he meant, raising an eyebrow.