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This is the place, this is the time. Bring us up into the light; up through the ashes. Let the one who will rule be born. Let us serve the Lord of the Ashes!

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"Judging by the amount of drool coming out of my boy's mouth, I would say so." said the blacksmith. Faust jogged ahead to the stone steps of the tavern and knocked on the huge, wooden double doors. They shuddered and slowly swung open. A large Hieme in thick leather clothes stepped out and eyed the shorter human - especially the axes strapped about his person. His pitch black eyes then rolled - apparent by the moving of the glare in them - to Fei'eth and his wolf. Fei'eth dismounted the animal and asked the Hieme if they fed wolves at the tavern.

The villages around the mountains did not have many riders come through, so it was obvious why the Hieme seemed unnerved by the sight, "Ah...well yes, we do... I'm guessing you want to be seated right away?" he stammered his query.

Fei'eth answered, "That would be excellent thank you. People are so nice in this area of town." he directed the last part to Faust, who answered with a wry smirk. The Hieme craned his neck and barked something in his own language. He turned back to the two and said, "We don't have room for your . ." he paused to choose his next words carefully, "mount, so he will need to remain outside." he looked at Fei'eth, "I take it that won't be a problem?" he asked.

Faust looked inside the tavern as he waited for the blacksmith to reply. In the very back was a large, wooden bar. Behind it was a huge stone fireplace that was filled with a roaring blaze. There were spits of roasting meats, and a black cauldron filled with steaming stew hanging in a smaller fireplace. The aroma of the stew was mouthwatering. Barrels of ale and other drinks were lined up behind the bar, and large wooden tables filled the inside of the huge building. It was brightly lit and filled with the sounds of patrons. Another Hieme was walking through the tavern carrying an iron plate heaped with raw meat, some pieces still on the bone. Faust reckoned that those were for Fei'eth's wolf.