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This is the place, this is the time. Bring us up into the light; up through the ashes. Let the one who will rule be born. Let us serve the Lord of the Ashes!

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Owner: The Adversary
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Fei'eth had expected that Neka'Tran would have to wait outside. "Of course not a problem." He said then turned to his good friend. "Ok you wait here, buddy. Mind your manners... But if anyone hurts you, then you can bite them. Ok?" The wolf licked Fei'eth by way of reply. Then the Fei'eth turned back to the door man. "Shall we?" He asked, then he watched as the plate of raw meat came out. Poor guy looked like he drew the short straw back in the kitchen, he was sweating bullets. He slowly approached the wolf, then carefully set the plate down. As soon as it touched the ground the man jumped back, in fear. Neka'tran dove in hungrily.