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This is the place, this is the time. Bring us up into the light; up through the ashes. Let the one who will rule be born. Let us serve the Lord of the Ashes!

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Setting: Arhk'morina2010-08-16 15:05:46, as written by flickery
A minute later, the slenderer of the Minakri'is returned, bouncing a dark purple pouch that jingle of coins. The cattish smile on his face told Stripes that they had struck a handsome deal, probably got paid a but more than intended by mistake. He smiled a little back, quickly opening the pouch and splitting the riches like a couple of thieves in the alleys. It turns out that the Inn bought some of the rare Woodland spices they carried as well, the owner and his wife intend to start a family soon and a potent Minakri'i aphrodisiac couldn't hurt their chances.

"Ki Naag" nedetseb tid po stei tad deog reih." Tu'esh chirped.
(I'm going to use this on something good here, you know?)


Stripes leaned on the frosted window, using his wrist to wipe a small portion clear and looked at the many patrons inside. He also wondered how his friend would do it, with Tu'esh's poor use of the common language, he would have to be extremely fortunate to even hold a decent conversation, let alone buy something at a discount.

"Nederteot tot ed neredna retal, neot u naadeg. Ki liw gaarg srednivdap ed tkram nee ejkuts redrev." He said/growled in reply, his friend then patted farewell on his back before disappearing into the snow trodden streets.
(Go catch up with the others, they must be worried, I want to scout around the market abit here.)

The truth was, the allure of the tavern made it a hard temptation to resist. As he opened the door, a rush of warm air followed by a chorus of conversations flooded past him. The outside cold was fine, sure, but it felt a little better inside. Carefully, mindful of people who were behind him, he manuevered past the stairs then the kitchen before he saw the counter and it's many patrons.

The snow had already melted on him by the time he reached it and as he glanced over the numerous customers before he would make his order, something in particular caught his eye. He had to lift his headband a little to get a clearer view of it.