Fruits Basket: A Different Story

Fruits Basket: A Different Story

Sometimes, secrets just end up being revealed.... but you can atleast try to keep them for as long as you can.... (Started but still accepting! One slot left!)

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The Story

For Generations, the Sohma Family has been cursed by the animals of the Zodiac, so if they are hugged by the opposite gender, they'll turn into their Zodiac animal. The God that rules over them is cruel and doesn't want them to leave the original household, and the rules that the God forces on them are difficult to follow. Like for one, they have to make sure none of the humans figure out about their curse while trying to blend in with them. However, rules aren't always followed, and sometimes secrets just end up being revealed....

The only human that had ever known the secret was a girl named Tohru Honda, but she has been dead for a long time now. No other humans have even known the secret besides her, but one day, the Sohma family found a young girl 4 years old on the streets, and they took her in under their care, but the only member of the Sohma family she ever got to see was the God. She was told about the other family members, but the God made sure she never ever got to see her.

Now, the God has taken care of the girl for 13 years, and she is now 17 years old. The God never really was like a parent to her, since they were still cold and rude to the girl, but they were the closest thing she had to a parent. The girl still hasn't met the other Sohma family members, but lately, she has been getting curious about the others, and a while ago, the other Sohma family members were told about the little girl. Now, both the little girl and the other Sohma family members are both curious about each other, and secrets might just be revealed soon....

The Plot

Ok, yes in this roleplay the girl will figure out about the curse, and then there can be relationships between her and the other Sohma family members, and there can also be relationships between the Sohma family members. The roleplay will take place at the Sohma Family Household, but the characters of the roleplay can also go around to town and stuff. Any of the characters from ages 19 and younger have to go to school on the week days. And yes, it's fine if in the past some of the Sohma family members that haven't met the girl could have seen her briefly for a second but didn't talk to her or anything of the sort.

Character Slots

Taken By Me~ The Girl ~Taken By Me
Taken by jadedragon66~ God ~Taken by jadedragon66
Taken by EvenAngelsCry~ Rat ~Taken by EvenAngelsCry
Taken by OverworkedWarden~ Ox ~Taken by OverworkedWarden
Taken by Luna Star~ Tiger ~Taken by Luna Star
Taken by LittlexVamp~ Rabbit ~Taken by LittlexVamp
Taken by jadedragon66~ Dragon ~Taken by jadedragon66
Taken by PrincessBoy~ Snake ~Taken by PrincessBoy
Taken by Pizzahutmarioparty~ Horse ~Taken by Pizzahutmarioparty
Taken by Pizzahutmarioparty~ Sheep ~Taken by Pizzahutmarioparty
Taken by Annaky~ Monkey ~Taken by Annaky
Taken by Animegirl~ Dog ~Taken by Animegirl
Taken by LaxMarie~ Boar ~Taken by LaxMarie
Taken by WarningImCrazy~ Cat ~Taken by WarningImCrazy

Character Skeleton

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[left][size=200][b]PUT CHARACTER'S NAME HERE[/size][/b]
[img]DIRECT IMAGE URL HERE, please only use anime[/img][/left]

[size=90]The God? The Rat? The Tiger? etc.[/size]

[size=90]Female or Male[/size]


[b]Zodiac Animal[/b]
[size=90]Say which Zodiac Animal they are[/size]

[size=90]Be creative, at least 5 sentences[/size]

[b]Deepest Desires[/b]
[size=90]At least 3[/size]

[size=90]At least 5[/size]

[b]Greatest Fear[/b]
[size=90]Have at least one, but you can put more[/size]

[size=90]Did their parents shun them? Care for them? Hate them? Be creative. Sohma family members only[/size]

[size=90]At least 5 sentences, be creative![/size]

[size=90]Who do you have your eye on?[/size]

[b]Put name of theme song here[/b]
[size=90]Put the lyrics of the theme song here [/size]


All posts must have at least one paragraph, No one liners
No cussing all the time, you can but just not all the time
Romance is encouraged, but don't blind us
Post at least once or twice a day, if you can't do this, don't join the roleplay
If you will be gone for a certain amount of time, please say so in OOC
Make sense in your post
No killing someone without their permission
Follow the plot and character skeleton
Have fun

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Itsuki Sohma

Hiroto walked over to him, before striking him across his face. "Didnt I tell you to watch your manners? Does it look like I'm joking?" he asked. "I make the rules in this house, and if I tell you to stay away from the human, then you stay away. Dont make me repeat myself..." Hiroto grabbed Itsu's chin, tilting his head to get a better look of his cheeks. "I hope you understand me.. I wouldnt want to do this again," he said with a small smile. Itsu stepped away from Hiroto, holding his face. "Damn that bastard," he muttered under his breath. He looked down at Mimi trying to act like nothing happened. "Really? You'll come with me?"She smiled at him with excitement. Mimi rubbed her face we're he'd pinched her. "Ok, lets g-" Itsu frowned and laughed as her eyes widened and started to drool when Saya-chan said something about stew."Stew~~" She looked up at Itsu with a cute face "Can we eat some stew first? Please Ni-san~" He smiled, but not completely at her eagerness. He leaned down and ruffled her hair a little. He knelt to whisper in her ear. "Actually I think we shouldn't see the girl, okay?" He really did plan on going to see Miku later, when that damned bastard was gone. He always hated that he had to control everything that they did, especially since he wasn't the type that always played by the rules. Besides, he was curios about this Miku girl. He turned his attention back to Saya-chan and Mimi-chan, as Saya ruffled his hair."You really should know when you can't cross the line. Hey, seems Haru wiped up some stew; let's not put it waste!" Itsu gave a little smirk. "Aww, Saya don't you know that I almost never follow the rules." He smiled. "And I definitely want some of that stew."

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Hebi Sohma

Finally, Hebi's manager parked the car under some shade as Hebi jumped out, rubbing his arms. Man...I really should of brought a jacket. "Now...Where do we go, Hebi?" Makoto smiled at him and he scowled. He knew his manager shouldn't be here, but there was no way to tell the man no. "This way..." He started to walk to where he's room was, but he heard voices and a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. He was going to ignore it, but his stomach growled and he couldn't resist the smell any longer. He motioned for Makoto to follow him. "Am I going to meet your family now? What a wonderful moment!"

Hebi walked into the kitchen and stared at the stew, remembering he hadn't ate anything at all today. "I'm back...,"he sighed as he pointed to his manager behind him,"this is...don't mind him."

"That is no way to treat your manager!" Just shut up.

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Mimi Sohma

Mimi looked at Itsu and nodded to what he whispered in her ear. "Ok" She didn't want either of them to get in trouble so she was ok with it. She looked at the table "Yay, Stew!~" She walked over to the cabinets and got a bowl out one for her and one for Itsu. She then walked to the table and placed their bowls on top of it. She sat down and looked at Haru "Can I have some stew please" She said with a smile and holding out her bowl. Mimi heard Hebi's voice and turned around with a smile, she then noticed a man standing next to him. She looked at the both of them as she became shy, Mimi wasn't good with strangers. "Hi Hebi..." She looked at them somewhat hiding behind the chair.

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Mitsuki Sohma

Mitsuki suddenly lost her appetite and left the kitchen with her bag of plushies. i never seen Hiroto-sama like that before... She shivered remembering what happened. She begin to walk toward her small room, she opened the sliding door slowly. The room was dark and empty, except for a bed in the corner of the room. There was a small closet too but she barely used it. Mitsuki opened the bag again to take out the plushies, putting them on a small bed table. She lined them up according by year, the cat though was still in the middle even if it wasn't a Zodiac. Finally placing the last plushie onto the table, she layed down on her bed. Looking at the white ceiling. Everything was quiet, except for the sound of the chirps outside.

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Mina Sohma

"Miku..." Mina said, trying it out. "I'm Mina! See, out names are similar, since they both start with the same two letters!" she said in a hurry. She kept on hanging to the poor girl's back. She overheard something about stew and that attracted her attention. In a bad way, due to the fact that she hates stew. Or food, in general. "I might eat it if it's Haru-chan's." she said to herself. "Why don't you come eat with us? Do you eat me to bring you some stew? It's really nice!" she assured, and before even waiting for a answer, ran off. Arriving in the kitchen, Mina grabbed two bowls. "I'm hungry!" she shouted from the corridor, and this was unusual from her, who barely ate much unless it was sweet of fruity. She ran back to where Miku was. Passing her some stew, she had around six spoonfuls of hers before stopping, claiming that she was full. She went back to the kitchen. "I'm not actually hungry, and er... I dropped the other bowl. In a bush. And it smashed. Into a million pieces. Totally unrecoverable. No point even trying. But the stew was delicious?" she said to Haru, hoping he wouldn't realize she was lying. She ran to Miku once more. "I'm gonna go, before they suspect me!" And Mina gave Miku a quick hug before running off.

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Hitomi Sohma

“Of course Id love to see your flowers, Chi-San! Its always nice to see your hard work coming in!” Hitomi smiled at him, enjoying the friendly affection he was showing her. It was no doubt the highlight of her day. She came inside the gate just enough to giggle at his excitement that she was here and over his hair. He didn’t even wait for her to respond, but he knew she probably wouldn’t. She wasn’t fond of talking or making attention, she was content at just putting in enough to keep the conversation going and smiling at his antics. Hitomi’s eyes followed Chi and then down around his garden, not that it would be much different from the last time that she had passed by. She had no hurry to get home, nor really anyone else to talk to. Plus it was only natural for the rat and rabbit to be close, considering their mentalities. He was really the only Sohma she still kept in touch with. She went over to the closest batch of flowers and stooped down to examine them, admiring his handiwork. Chi was always good with flowers.

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Misei Sohma
Misei smirked as Mina gave her excuse of dropping the bowl. Anyone that knew her well enough would know that something was up when she even requested two bowls of stew. Her interest in the human girl forgotten she leaned back for a second before getting up. She crossed the garden not even glancing at the still stunned girl in front of the kitchen. Figures...humans have no place here. Rushing past The God's house she continued on back into town.
She never could stay in one place for long...

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Chi's face lit up as Hitomi walked through the gate. Closing it, he hopped down and quietly made his way to her side. He was glad she was here. It was nice to have a Sohma around that was scoulding him that he was too young to be living on his own and away from "The God." Chi smiled and bent next to her, his hands on his knees.
"I spoiled myself a bit this year. We got Iris's, Waterlily's, and all these expensive imported things I can't even pronounce!" He laughed, reaching down to pick a white flower and tuck it behind Hitomi's ear.
"Would you like to see something neat?" He asked, tilting his head softly.

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