???Daisuke Chiyo

The human

a character in “Fruits Basket - The Next Banquet”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Nicknames: Dai

Personality: Daisuke lives by 3 C's Calm Cool and collected, he goes with the flow and avoids sticking out in a crowd. Physical contact is a major no-no and rarely does he catch girls' attention. He just the typical introverted guy that plans to continue his boring life in peace and quiet.

Zodiac: Ox

Age: 16

Occupation: Works part-time at a pet shop after school

History: No his parents didn't die or anything and he's not living in a tent in someone's backyard, nor is he going to be a maid for a house full of girls. (unless the GM wants that to happen?). Dai is NORMAL he lives in an average house and goes to an average school, frankly he's probably the most plain character ever designed. But he's a (John Doe?) for a reason, perhaps the Sohma family will bring him out of his comfort zone and do more for him than he could ever do for them.

Likes: Nature, Animals, Sleeping, Soccer(2nd best on the school team but doesn't like to brag about it), Reading, Comprimizing

Dislikes: Wasting time and energy on pointless things, fish, water, slobs, perverts, not being able to sleep

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Daisuke Chiyo's Story