Ethan Harris

The Heir to Godka

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a character in “Fukushima High”, as played by True Grave


Name: Ethan Harris

Role: New Guy

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: January 20, 1992

Measurements: Pretty muscular guy, but in the functional way of an athlete or martial artist, not the slow kind like a power lifter.

Year and class: 18-Senior-2B

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Image: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&biw= ... =106&ty=85

Personality: Kind, compassionate, quiet, determined, courageous.

Story: Ethan began his martial arts training at a young age and excelled at it. His instructor gave him a black belt when he was sixteen, and contacted his Grand Master, Chujin Gitei about him. Gitei found Ethan, and with his parent's permission, took him to his temple in Thailand to teach him Panka, the martial art that teaches all martial arts. Panka is also known as Godka, as martial artists who reach the pinnacle of Panka become gods of the martial arts. After tough trials, Ethan was made a black belt in Panka and told to continue his schooling in Japan. Ethan may return home to America after his graduation abroad, but fate may have more things in store for a man who could be a god.

Secret: The story pretty much detailed it, but he has the potential to become a god...and an enemy that wants to destroy him.

So begins...

Ethan Harris's Story