5-43 alpha trade routeANNA

A being formed from the wreckage of a ship, not fully human, not fully machine. It watches from the sidelines and intervines to serve its own amusement.

a character in “Galactic war: The Universes Requiem”, as played by Subject A.N.N.A.

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Short build and very skinny, turqoise hair and an eyepatch. Very appeasing to the eyes but can take many forms to suit her needs. Seems to have a problem with zoning out and drooling quite often. My only real weakness is electrical attacks, then most things can kill me because my nanos are shut down for a short time. I can transform into almost anything, though it takes me time to turn into big things because the nanobots need time to replicate. Most wounds can heal, even fatal but it may take days to heal, during which I'm useless in battle. Though I've grown to rely on my mechanical skills, she still has my military training to fall back on and an array of weapons she carrys in a case that she carrys everywhere.


A bit of a brat as it was a human preteen girl before the accident, gets her way even at the cost of anothers life. A being of great power with the mind of a child. Foulmouthed and crass, she doesn't seem to care what kindd of company she's in, she acts the same.


A shapeshifting array of clothes and weaponry, the body can take on multiple forms to suit its enviroment and weapons can be made from a though. Usually the only clothes worn is a turqouise vest over a black shirt and tan shorts.In deep space body becomes smooth and metallic with small boosters in the feet and hands to provide motion, but does not have enough power to escape any atmosphere.


The daughter of a captain in the Earth Forces, trained as a soldier by an abusive father(which could contribute to her drug problem), and during an attack on the ship was fatally wounded.She had to be healed with nano bots but the system went haywire after the side of the ship was hit by an attack and the nanobots melded with her, now the girl seems to suffer from schizophrenic and prone to rage filled killing, due to the fact she believes the nanobots "talk" to her.

So begins...

ANNA's Story