post colonization era galaxyAstion Kyle Redd

a space pirate and bounty hunter working the 5-43 alpha trade route

a character in “Galactic war: The Universes Requiem”, as played by Jaitsu

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


he's tall, but lean, with some muscle, red spikey hair pulled back into a ponytail and a 5 oclock shadow. he wears a black tattered shirt and some old style leather armor on his right arm, and some green pants with a belt and satchel, as well as a belt around his left knee. he wears boots also covered in leather armor.


goofy and joking, doesn't take to many things seriousely and has a serious fixation on money. can get serious when needed but most of the time tries to avoid conflict, often asking passengers on cargo and traveling ships he boreds to just give up and avoid battle.


a mark 4 tech-time red calibur laser blaster as his weapon, with which he is extremely skilled with.

an old style katana in his ship which he occasionally brings with him, if he believes there may be close up violence.

often brings rope on raids to tie up the people he's robbing.

his leather armor on his boots and arm.

his eluvian class ship, capable of housing a small group, modified slightly for serious speed and boarding ability and outfitted with illegal ion and laser cannons.

brass knuckles.


born on mars to a violent drunk and drug addict mother, he ran away at 16, at first hoping to join the black scars, he eventually saw there terrorist acts as as bad as the war and instead, decided to become a space pirate, targeting the easiest route to hunt, he stole enough to buy his current equipment. he has been in countless fights on the Kenra space station in the middle of the trade route and as such has become very skilled with his blaster, he also practices paqour (sorry, is that how its spelled) in his free time, to get much better at his job. he tries to slowly build the inside of his ship into a luxurious place to live.

he follows the straitedge lifestyle, refusing to touch alchohol or drugs and barely ever uses meds to deal with injuries, preffering to heal slowly on his own.

So begins...

Astion Kyle Redd's Story