Kenra space stationDoctor Regin MacRieve

A Doctor who works for the Earth Forces

a character in “Galactic war: The Universes Requiem”, as played by KairiUzamaru

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A small slender young woman who wears her white Doctors coat and wears a black turtle neck with a long black skirt, she wears black high heals. She has long silver hair that she usually has in a pony tail or in a bun. she wears eyeglasses that have the square frames and she eyes piercing ice blue eyes.


A quiet young woman, polite with her patients with her friends she can be sarcastic and a smart ass, she loves being a doctor and will do anything in her power to help those who are injured. she secretly wants to have an adventure in her life.


A large doctors office that has all different types of medicines, it also has a microscope so she can study different things. it also has a ceiling to floor wall bookshelf with different medical books.

A suit case that usually has medicines such as pain reliever or vaccines in it, she also has a travel version of a blood testing station, it also carries hypodermic needles that she would need on the field. she also carries herbal medicines as well.

she refuses to carry a weapon.


She was born to parents who were both Doctors. Her mother was a cardiologist and her father was a Oncologist. At the age of 10 she knew she wanted to be a doctor who could help people with all types of things. After her parents died while treating wounded she started college. She went to different college and gained her PhD. After gaining her PhD she went into the Earth Forces to be a on field doctor and surgeon. After a few battles she decided that she was not fit to be on the front line and went back to her office back on earth. She now helps civilians and soldiers as well as anyone else who needs her help.

So begins...

Doctor Regin MacRieve's Story