5-43 alpha trade routeProffesor Karrian Rovas Romura

A Scientist infamous for experiments that broke the humane treatment laws. Reformed and helping those who can supply him with what he needs

a character in “Galactic war: The Universes Requiem”, as played by MarcusBloodedge

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Tall, and very lean, almost looks dangeriously skinny. Karrian looks mostly neutral, a smile a frown a very rare thing to see on his face. Off of his anti-psyche meds, he usually looks very deranged and has a very big, disturbing smile on his face. Usually seen in a old stained labcoat and black pants. He is very nearsighted, corrected by his glasses but he has a tendancy of accidently breaking them.


A man of science, he is willing to do questionable things to continue his many experiments. Seems emotionless to most, his friends however see a sarcastic, joke loving fool when he's not serious in his work. His quiet nature camoflauges[quote][/quote] the monster that is held back by his medicines. Off of his anti-psychotics, he is even more dedicated to his work with no regard for life, his experiments usually end up dead when he's like this. He takes pleasure in making his processes painful, and he can be very violent when required.


Large, fully equiped laboratory used for his many experiments, its location secret only a very few have ever seen it and lived.

He has a small one man pod with experimental thrusters and cloaking technology that allows him to enter and escape locations without ever being noticed.

Due to his experiments, he has several exoskeletal implants on his arms and legs to make up for his normal lack of physical strength. This increases his strength to superhuman levels, but due to his weak body he can easily overexert himself.

He also keeps a small sidearm he calls the Bioelectrical pulse disruptor, a non lethal weapon meant to stop electrical pulses in the body meant for movement. Those shot with this weapon are paralyzed for an hour, only capable of minimal functions required for life, like breathing and heartbeats.

On occasion when he believes he would need lethal force, Karrian carries one of his greatest creations, the Telekinetic Force Blade. It has a standerd looking hilt, but the blade is a long, rectangular object that looks thick and blunt, unable to cut. This hides the deadliness of the invisible blade of force that surrounds the rectangular object. Do to the fact this blade is made by force, not energy or metal, this weapon can cut almost anything as long as its not to thick for the blade to pierce, and it will never dull. Steel and objects stronger arent effected by the blade, unless it is in very small quantities or its very thin.

He also on occasion carries things from medikits, portable electronic lockpicks, Wrist worn communicators, and a experimental Telekinetic Force Vest, usually when he's out on personal missions and raids, depending on requests from friends.


Born in a normal family setting, Karrian was a quiet child, very intellegent and constantly reading or learning. Due to some unknown trauma of his past, Karrian is prone to psychotic breaks when he's not on his medication. He used to be a researcher for weapons development of Earth, but when he experienced his first mental break he killed 5 scientist through torturious experiments and another 3 Guard Units when they attempted to arrest him. On the run Karrian was found by a the space pirate Astion Kyle Redd while in a animalistic state. Astion is able to obtain his medicines and now Karrian feels like he owes Astion, so occasion he gives him some of his experimental equipment. Karrian now spends most of his free time in his lab, only coming out when deemed necesarry for his work

So begins...

Proffesor Karrian Rovas Romura's Story