Galactic war: The Universes Requiem

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tensions mounted between the earth and the united worlds alliance, hundreds of thousands are dying, can you stop it?

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"Hello Captain," the Commissar responded with a forced smile. Redd stood there with that look of open good humor that always managed to get on Thaken's nerves. "Imagine I should find you coming out of this place!" he gestured vaguely to the fence's shop, "Now I wouldn't suppose I'd walk in there to find out you'd been involved in any contraband trafficking, would I?"

Redd offered a look and a gesture that was half 'Who? Me?!' and half righteous indignation, and had just opened his mouth to begin a story that would probably involve mysterious space gypsies, an inheritance from his long lost uncle, and a running gun battle against rebel corsairs that had nearly cost the pirate his life in loyal service to Earth Government, when the Commissar waved it away.

"Of course not, Redd, of course not. Foolish of me to ask. Work always on my mind. Why can't I simply let myself enjoy a chance encounter with an old friend?"

Another look from the pirate. This time one that said multiple things about the Commissar's honesty in general, and how it might relate to the legitimacy of his birth.

In any case, Thaken was not looking to push the big pirate on any level, at least not unecessarily. Though the Political Officer was a good shot, and somewhat skilled in Martian jiu-jitsu, Redd was a trained killer (though, it was rumored, a reluctant one), and Thaken had no illusions regarding the pirate captain's ability to break him in half. Of course, he suspected the pirate was aware that the presence of Operative O'Malley and half a dozen other agents within two blocks would make Redd's life uncomfortable and short thereafter.

Also, to Thaken's knowledge, Redd had never trafficked in anything really nasty. A few small arms, some contraband Ionian whiskey, the worst of all being a few Bibles, Korans, and some Elvis Presley CDs. Subversive, yes, but far from deadly.

No, the Commissar never pushed when a little friendliness would do the job.

"But come along Redd", he said, gesturing towards the Lucky Star Bakery two doors down on his left, "Let me buy you something. A jelly donut? I think you're partial to raspberry?"