Galactic war: The Universes Requiem

Galactic war: The Universes Requiem Open

tensions mounted between the earth and the united worlds alliance, hundreds of thousands are dying, can you stop it?

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Owner: Jaitsu
Game Masters: Jaitsu
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[OOC] :P Im joining in :P nice to see you're still making rp's Jaitsu. :D and to people i dont know hi :D


After trailing Redd for about an hour around the station I decided to have some fun at Redd's expense so i went to Rabnar's Laser and History Style weapon shop and picked up his sidearms, claiming to the clerk that he changed his mind about the upgrades and to keep the money for the mistake he made. With guns in tow i made my way to my hidden pod, but not before waveing at Redd with his pistols in hand. I saw Redd was speaking with that Officer again, so i tried to get out of there quickly before I was noticed by the wrong kind of people.