Galactic war: The Universes Requiem

Galactic war: The Universes Requiem Open

tensions mounted between the earth and the united worlds alliance, hundreds of thousands are dying, can you stop it?

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Owner: Jaitsu
Game Masters: Jaitsu
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[OOC] hey man its no problem, i find you quite agreeable and i very much respect that d(^_^)b

oh, and everyone, Kairi is visiting her grandma in the hospital so she won't be back until later


"you know very well i only associate with the scientist and the store owners, i work alone, but if theres someone dangerous on the station, i'm sure i'll come into contact with him"

it becomes obvious i'm somewhat distracted, giving Karrian multiple dirty looks and extremely annoyed at having payed almost all my latest steal on something i won't be getting