terreraCasian Polarus

An Ancient of the Guild of Divinity he is almost as old as the Guild Master and is perhaps the only person who will scold Waa for being impertinant or foolish.

a character in “Gate of time”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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Name: Casian Polarus
Guild: Divinity
Rank: High Magus
Weight: 185lbs
Age: 1128
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale


He is known to be critical of the Guild Master and often scolds him for being foolish in his mind. He means well and is often seen on the balconies, watching the sky. That is, if he is not near Waa leaning against the wall of the throne room.


A Longsword that hangs from his waist and dangles just below his lower back with thehilt to the right for swift drawing. He uses this along with spells in combat, and is a fighter before a politician.

A Ring that he always wears that channels his energy and thoughts into the physical world so he can use spells without needing lengthy incantations, though it does cut down on the overall power.


He has been in the Guild for many years, and while he says he is only 1128 years old, he is actually older, though he only counts the years with the guild. No one knows how he knows the Guild Master or why he is so blunt with him but he has a history of openly criticising him and contantly telling him that he doesn't float, he's just so ugly the group repels him (all in good fun). It is unclear if the man is actually as powerful as legends say but he is known to be a top fighter in the guild and has a tendency to sneak into the throne room past the guards and chat with Waa, waiting for the guards to realize their security was breached and then scolding thme on how if he was from the other guilds he could have killed Waa several times over and how they must be more vigalent.

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Casian Polarus's Story