Japan, 2032Ichiro Akihiko

The Team Leader of Section 6 he's known to most as the Colonel... ironic since he is known to be a flirt with the Major from Section 9

a character in “Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. Breaking Point”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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Name: Ichiro “the Colonel” Akihiko (most members of the Section just call him Colonel or Boss)
Gender: Male/Male (actual appearance)
Age: 36
Fully Cybernetic: Yes
Marital Status: Single (rumor has it he has had a few flings with Major Kusanagi)
A man in his early thirties by ghost his body looks similar with a head of light brown hair and light green eyes he doesn’t exactly stand out in a crowd except for his unusually handsome face. He smokes but being a cyborg it doesn’t leave any noticeable mark on him and as he only smokes scented cigars for recreation his clothes don’t constantly reek. A small goatee graces his chin and a simple and soft look is normally on his face. He leans against objects quite often but normally stands tall while walking. Height is 6’2” and weight is near 300lbs (cyborg) while looking lean and fit.


He is your typical ex-soldier with a slightly cynical view of the world. To his friends he is a kinder person. Still he is a soldier and police man and clearly has a slightly sick sense of humor. When holding a weapon he doesn’t hesitate to fire. It is almost impossible to put in words; you just have to meet him.


Body: Sagawa Type 96 Body- This is the Special operations equivalent of your average GSDA body. It has a dense braincase and is tough as can be, but it’s heavy and while the unit’s power is not an issue the prosthetics are too advanced for basic maintenance, meaning that at the slightest damage the whole thing has to be overhauled by a specialist with unique equipment. It’s not the kind of body that even your above average civilian can get a hold of and to make matters worse it doesn’t float. The only special modifications he has made to his body is a hidden knife in his right arm that extends from the wrist to be one and a half feet long (think Assassin’s Creed) and a carbide saw hidden in the left arms forearm that is designed to cut through heavy plating.

Pistol: FN Browning BDA variant chambered for .45ACP. using a shorter slide and a compressor on the barrel. The pistol is a personal preference in as opposed to the standard Seburo M5.
Rifle: Seburo C30, the later model of the Seburo line this rifle is longer and fires a 5.56 HV rounds. The weapon is less mobile then the C27 or C29 used by Section 9 and 8 but the Colonel is more fond of the stopping power and lower fire rate for accurate clustering that this rifle provides.
Dummy Barrier: Like all of his team he uses a Dummy Barrier at all times while on the job. A Dummy Barrier is like a surge protector that connects to the ports on the user for linking to a person and diving their cyberbrain. The barrier is triggered by an attack barrier which attempts to spike the hacker and thus the electric surge is stopped by the physical barrier. He prefers a hip mounted Double barrier instead of the typical neck mounted single barrier seen in the show. If a barrier uses two surges his barrier should catch them both letting him disconnect the link before a third surge fries him.

Armor: Standard issue Plating


Ichiro served in the GSDA during both of the recent wars, quickly working up to Colonel in almost record time thanks to family connections and skill at reading the battlefield. He is known as one of the best at operating his body and served next to Major Kusanagi a few times. After words he joined Section 9 for a few years under that same woman and eventually gained his own team in Section 6. Rumor has it that he’s had a few one night stands with the Major and every time he has to deal with them he ends up flirting with her… and getting a death glare from Batou. Still, he for the most part he sticks to his own unit and rarely calls in the favors owed from the outside. That he leaves to the chief of his unit…

So begins...

Ichiro Akihiko's Story