Medium Earth (The Ghost Realm)Kami Rosei

"They find us intimidating? Oh, dear.."

a character in “Ghost”, as played by QueLights

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Kami Rosei

Who are you?
Kami is a very polite and inspirational young girl. She can be very sarcastic and funny at times. She is talented and artistic, and doesn't mind kicking some ass.

What's your personality?
Cute, nice, funny, sarcastic, gentle

What side are you on?

What's your history/how did you die?
Kami died from a gunshot to the eye. She fell into a rushing river and if the gunshot didn't kill her, she had drowned to death. The man who killed her was a narcissistic man whom she was supposed to marry, but rejected. Kami had learned that he was a drug dealer and a wife beater. In fact, she even found the proof that the man killed his ex wife. The man killed Kami so that she wouldn't be able to tell anyone.

Red Star - The Birthday Massacre
It's my red star
It's my red star (can't let go)

Best of cruel intentions
Binding what they fail to mention
No truth
All pretension
Raise your hand to give attention

You'd give it
We'd take it
You'd build it
We'd break it
You sign and we erase it
You'd feel it
We'd fake it

So begins...

Kami Rosei's Story