The SerengetiKidogo

How could this most meek of creatures be caught up in a war of big cats?

a character in “Ghosts of the Grassland”, as played by Senior Citizen

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Like all dik dik Kidogo or "Kido" for short seems to have a disproportionally large head and eyes for his scrawny little body giving him an almost cartoon like appearance. At a whopping 2"6' and 12 pounds Kidogo is a full grown male. He has small horns adorning his little head. Fortunately for Kido he doesn't really have any physical features distinguishing him from other dik diks, and it's just as well that dusty coat was made for blending in. Camouflage, and their ability to fits into the smallest of spaces being their greatest survival tool.


Shy timid, skittish, and paranoid. He has a slight stuttering problem. However under all that weariness Kidogo has a brave streak which comes out only when a loved one is in danger. When feeling safe, Kido can also have something of a sarcastic sense of humor...I suppose you need one when you're at the bottom of the food chain.


fast little legs
his ho-horns sorry can't even say that with a straight face lol
fur that camouflages well
A call that alerts all prey in the area of potential danger.
A resistance to extreme heat and arid conditions
The ability to obtain all the moisture he needs from his food
...and an uneasy acquaintance with Nguvu?


Kidogo was just your typical run of the mill dik dik, he found a territory found a mate (they mate for life) settled down and had baby wanting to waste no time. Kidogo appreciates the preciousness of life having had many brushes with death on a nearly daily basis. There is one near death experience however that proved life changing. His mate and calf were grazing peacefully on a shrub when pack of wild dogs happened to wonder by. Three of them saw the potential for an easy meal and began to give chase. Kidogo did what any good father would do. He got in their way and pretended to have a limp. They switched targets, and he lead them away from his family, it was the wild dogs who were pulling the fast one on him however running him right into the rest of their lounging pack. All hope seemed lost for kidogo that is until a lion leaped out of the grass and sent the pack...well packing. Kido was sure he wanted him for snack, and with wide open stretches on both sides of him, and grass to long for him to see over in front of him, he might as well have been served to the king of beasts on a silver platter. What happened next nearly killed Kidogo, but only because could have had a heart attack from the shock! The lion had spared him. If Nguvu has any alterior motive to be nice to him Kido can't tell, all the same he prefers to avoid someone who can kill him with the swipe of his paw, but when he does encounter the lion on occasion...What good would being rude do?

So begins...

Kidogo's Story