The SerengetiKotch

A spunky hyena with a lot to prove, and many friends to help him on his way.

a character in “Ghosts of the Grassland”, as played by Vio-Lance

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Kotch looks like any other hyena in the plains to the untrained eye. But he is actually standout. His fur is a lighter brown, almost a dirty blonde by some standards, with heavy splotched patterns of darker brown. This darker brown also travels down all four of his legs, almost seeming black at this point. A wild mane runs down his neck and back. His ears are tattered, and his face bears the scar mark of an angry lion. Three diagonal streaks of rended flesh are perminantly etched onto his face, raking across one of his eyes, which too, seems somewhat wounded. The seemingly beady orbs are actually quite in good condition, though. His thighs are muscular, but nothing like one of the prideful kings of the plains. A young hyena, only 35 months of age, almost an adult.


Kotch is rather laid back for the most part, easy-going, truly. His attitude of 'live and let live' is sort of his motra. He generally doesn't want any trouble, as he's gotten plenty of it in his youth. However, if you do managed to get him roused, then you'd wish you'd hadn't. Kotch has an unrelenting will about him. One that only a wasteland scavenger that was only trying to surive could set into him. None other of the prideland beasts can say they have the determination of the hyena. He also has quite the fierce attitude, and won't back down from a fight that he wants to fight.


Sharp teeth, paired with jaws that crush bones with ease.
Claws, more for digging than weapons, but still, their sharpness shouldn't be underestimated.
Thick hide and fur.
Ability to stomach decaying, rotted food.


While Hyenas usually aren't pack animals, they aren't solitary either. This is the perfect example of Kotch. He was raised on the plains as any normal hyena would, learning the chain of command, but honestly doesn't follow it. It lead to a lot of trouble with other animals when he was younger, particularly with a pack of lions. After roughhousing with the pride leader's cub, the lion scarred the yong hyena for life, giving him the fierce scar on his face. However, life went on, and Kotch learned to stay from wasn't that he didn't like them, or was scared of them. It's just that he found their 'King of the Plains' ego to be rather annoying. 'I'm on the top, and you're beneith me.' Honestly didn't settle well with him.

However, he's found friends with the Cheetahs. While none of them are particularly friendly or nice, they seem to tollerate him more than the King of the Plains.

So begins...

Kotch's Story