The SerengetiLino

The cub brother of Sasha.

a character in “Ghosts of the Grassland”, as played by EvenAngelsCry

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Lino is small, being only 11 months old. His fur is a lighter, tan color with light brown-chocolate spots. He has brown tear streaks down to his jaw and a cream colored fur under his neck and stomach. He is a bit heaftier than the other cubs, having his sister share her share of the food with him to ensure he has enough to eat. He has small, stubby legs and cannot run very fast (well, comparitively with the other cheetah cubs), but that never stops him from trying. ... b#/d1pntef


Lino is really respectful and shy, having little socialization with the other cubs. He spends the majority of his time exploring and spending time with just himself or with other, non-cheetah, creatures. Despite his curiosity, he gets in surprisingly little trouble. This would be due to him being so careful, always making sure not to upset the rest of the group. He really has no close relationships other than the one he has with his sister, Sasha.


Sharp teeth and claws, thats about it.


When Lino's mother died (explained in Sasha's history ^-^), he was forced into the care of the nanny cheetahs in the Raiders. However, he never formed any relationships with those nannies and was rather watched than cared for. His sister took the majority of care of him, when she wasn't hunting that is. She always made sure he had enough food, and he formed a rather close relationship with her. When he wasn't being watched or was with his sister, he went exploring throughout the territory of the Raiders. Because of the feud with the lions, he makes sure to stay within that barrier. He holds more of a fear of the lions than a hatred for them.

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Lino's Story