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Engineer aboard the Dancer

a character in “Ghostship”, as played by 7achary

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Thaddeus has copper short-cropped hair and a well trimmed beard. His strong arms bulge with muscles from a life's worth of hard labor. His large calloused fingers are surprisingly dexterous when it come to the fine detail work needed on the hardware for the Dancer's automated systems. His forearms bear the scars and burns associated with his chosen occupation.


Thaddeus has a slow but vicious temper, that very few on the crew have witnessed first hand. He drinks heavily, though he isn't a violent drinker usually. He often recites poetry and is given to philosophical pondering. He is quick to give advice when asked and often remembers birthdays and special occasions. He is friendly and jovial most the time, quick to lend a helping hand.


Various engineering specific implements. Most notable is his home made omni-tool, a bulky thing with a pair of matching hand grips to either side of a screen with a grid-like interface for getting measurements perfect.
MK4R Handcannon
A flask of Dejorian Whiskey


Thaddeus was born on Gerek 5, a moon of Dejora, and spent his entire childhood on the farming outpost there. He and his family oversaw almost seventy acres worth of automated agricultural stations and upkeep on terra-forming automated vehicles. His schooling was all done from a terminal with life lessons coming from his uncle Heinrich, his father died under one of the terra-forming vehicles a year after he was born.

When his family's contract ended, at the urging of his uncle, Thaddeus enrolled in an astro-engineering course. He briefly considered navigation, he loved cosmic theory and the places humanity might go through alternative space travel. However, his uncle grew sick a few years after he started taking courses and Thaddeus decided to help financially support his family. Without his uncle in good health it was hard for the Barclay's to enter into another contract. On Dejoria resources are spare and the division of class is still in effect.

Thaddeus served in the Dejorian Navy for six years first as private and steadily worked his way up to Crew Chief. He's been in more heavy confrontation than the combined experience of most pirating vessels. After his six year term in the military, with no hope of promotion due to his social status, Thaddeus signed a nice contract with an entrepreneurial captain named Theodore Hardwood. With more than enough income to support his family and a Captain he developed a strong friendship with, Thaddeus has never been happier.

So begins...

Thaddeus Barclay's Story