Gideon AcademyEmilie McAllister

"All my life people have told me who I was, or who I should be. Now, I can finally prove them all wrong."

a character in “Gideon Academy”, as played by Midnight's Work

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Name: Emilie McAllister
Status: Regular
Year: Senior
Program(s): Music, Sports (diving and soccer), and Writing/Journalism


Colour: Green, definitely green.
Music: A ton of different bands,
Food: Gyros
Expressions: A smile, or a smirk, sometimes with Emilie its hard to differentiate.
Book: Tales of The Brothers Grimm

Personality: Emilie is...a lot of things. At times, she can be the nicest person in the world. Someone who'd do anything for a friend. She can be all bubbly and filled with sunshine...but thats very rare for her. Usually, Emilie is brutally honest, which can come off as her just being mean. She's also a bit vindictive, and extremely sarcastic. She's hyperactive, and filled with snark. She's headstrong, stubborn, and when angry, hard to reason with. She's got a quick wit and a sharp attitude and is never afraid to use them. It takes a lot to gain Emilie's trust, but not much to lose it. The way Emilie is, she can convince you that she's as sweet as sugar, then she'll rip that rug out from under you and change your entire perspective of her.



History: Emilie's mom left when Em was about...6 years old? since then its just been her and her dad, and growing up, he's always been like her best friend. When she was a little girl, he'd tell her the tales of the brothers Grimm. It always fascinated her. She also had 2 older brothers, and they shaped her into who she is now. But people were always telling her who she should be, how she should act, and it pissed her off. She wasnt the person people wanted her to be, and a lot of people resented her for it. Now she's in a school filled with new people who dont know her, so they cant judge her and tell her who she should be. Here, she can just be herself.

Anything Else: She kinda likes Will, though she'd never admit it.
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