Kohaku IslandKumataro Go

Head of security for the island

a character in “Ginryu School: Way of the Fist”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Name: Kumataro Go
Age: 27
Style: Nitsume Ryu (Two Claw Style)
Position: Head of secutiry for the island

Go stands at seven feet tall with a large build that's all muscle, due to years of training. There are scars all over his body, and he usually has a few bandages here and there as well. As far as clothes go he normally wears what you see in the pic above, boots with red leg armor, black pants, a fishnet shirt, and a long red scarf. On occasion he will actually don the crimson kimono style uniform that he and his men wear, and that those who practice his style also wear.


Go is very deceptive. Despite his large size he is very quick and nimble, which he uses often to his advantage, and while he may act like a dumb animal, he is almost always planning, listneing, and watching everything around him. He is Jian's most trusted man.


All Go ever has with him are his 2 red katanas, the red skill armor for his boots, a box of matches, and something to smoke, cigarettes or on occasion a cigar. Like every one of Jian's men he has a yin yang talisman, like those given to the new fighters, however he keeps it in his room in the living quaters of the school.


Go comes from a long line of samurai and over all sword masters. He is a master of his style, but even so his younger brother defeated him, and so he left in search of a way to become stronger. Jian found him in a bar and beat him with his bare hands, despite the fact that he was weilding both of his swords. After that incident Go began to follow Jian around, asking to be taught by him, until eventually he was taken to the island. He still has not been taught anything personally, but he is the only one allowed to watch Jian train.

So begins...

Kumataro Go's Story