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A street fighter with a dream

a character in “Ginryu School: Way of the Fist”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Name: Romeo Margrave
Age: 19
Style: None
Positon: new fighter

Romeo stands at about six feet tall with dark brown eyes and long brown hair, which he ties back in a ponytail whenever he fights. He has a lean, strong build and a healthy tan to his skin from working out in the sun. On his left shoulder there is a tattoo of a yin yang surrounded by the Chinese trigrams, his left eat is peirced with a small silver loop, and he wears a pair of black leather, fingerless biker gloves, and now wears the talisman around his neck.

Clothes wise, he wears loose but fitting jeans, sneakers, a button up shirt, and a jacket, which he usually only wears on his shoulders, kinda like a cape


On the surface Romeo can be a bit brash sometimes, as well as a smartass, but over all he tries to be a gentleman, and once you get to know him he is a pretty good guy. He always sticks up for his friends and those weaker than him, even if he gets the crap beat out of him


Romeo has no real equipment, however he always carried a silver pocketwatch his father gave him, along with a small silver and green pocket knife, but he doesn't use it for fighting


Many years ago romeo's father was a boxer, and he had hoped to one day follow in his father's footsteps. However, after his father was killed in a match he was sent to live in foster home after foster home. he moved around so much because he kept his hair long, and the other kids would always make fun of him and, witl his father being a boxer, he'd punch them. eventually, when he turned 17, he was emancipated and has been living on his own since then. He trains in his backyard, well, the local woods near his crumby apartment, and nearly everyday a local gang jumps him. He has no offical style, but uses some boxing, but it's mainly just street fighting.

When he recieved the letter he couldn't believe it, because his father had often spoke of Jian. It was an easy choise to leave behind his rotten life, even if this turned out to be nothing. because he was so poor Jian paid his way, and so now he hopes to be able to work around the school to repay him.

So begins...

Romeo Margrave's Story