Tokyo, Japan; Palace IslandDrew William Holder

Love is dangerous to your health.

a character in “Glassjaw and Glassheart”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

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Drew William Holder

Who are you
He had a decent life, until he thought he fell in love. But because of his family, he traveled a lot. They kept in touch, via Email and letters. Drew was too blind to see that her responses got less and less, and stopped all together. When he went back to visit her, he found her kissing anothe boy. It nearly made him insane.

What are you like
He's a real sweet guy, if you can get past his defense. He now believes that all girls are liars and skanks that deserve to burn in hell. If your able to get through to him he has a huge heart and a warm smile. Always joking around, his usaul hang out would be at a beach, surfing his heart out. After the truth hit him, he gave up surfing and any other sport that he liked. he became anti-socail, shunning everything and everyone.

Who might you like
Noone yet

What do you have
Anti-social. he's just very anti-social. It takes a lot to get a word out of him. The docters diagnosed him with depression, and he refuses to take the pills. A sense of parinoia when he's around women.

Whats it like being you
His life was perfect. Just moved to a sunny resort off the coast of californa. He could surf all day and be near her, until he had to move. She promised that she would Email him and that they could with stand a long distance relationship. He believed that promise, despite everyone saying that they would never last. He moved to Florida where he continued to surf. At first the emails were frequent and long, but as the year progressed they became more short and far between. When Drew finally went back, he found her in bed with another man. He went insane, accusing her of being a whore and a slut, a dirty little liar and how she should burn in hell for what she did. At first he tried anything he could to get away from the town, the happiness that expelled from it was too much to bear. He tried running away, but they always found him. He tried hurting himself, drinking, smoking, drugs. Noone of them lasted forever, and soon he just stopped trying. He became emotionless, a blank slate. His parents became worried. He would go on weeks without talking, days without eating. he was just so out of it. Everytime a woman approached him, he would lose it for a second, become angry, and when he finally calmed down again, it was the same blank state. The flashes of emotion mystifyed the docters and they gave up on trying to cure him. So his parents sent him to the island in hopes of him finding a cure. He took up surfing again, to see if it could ease the pain any.

What Else
He is seventeen, stands tall at about 5'9. He has red hair that sometimes falls in front of his ocean like blue eyes. He is usaully seen on the beach sporting a tan, staring at the sunset. He wears a necklace with a maroon stone and has a tattoo of a black cross on his right lower stomach.

Hurting and Shoving(She should have let me sleep)
When I get back
Pre-break of dawn
hear the ring it's me
live from a pay phone
talking in the rain.
Things pan out exactly as i say they will.
Will I be less happy
when I get back?

Two hand in one glove
as if we were poor.
The hard up make the soup from stones
like the poor before them did before.

You say the waiting could crush your heart.

But it's nothing new to me
have you crave me so desperately
but I know
how when you need me you bleed for me,
though now I'm gone you fill my shoes with new
Always and forever
we are apart and may she see
she'd be free rejoicing in distance
if she only let me sleep.

Will things make less happy
when I get back?

Absence makes the heart grow still.
Abuse the hunt; confuse the kill.
I know, I know.

Make the dead feel deader
Make the dead sleep nights with a razor
Kill the prey.

I'll hold my child's head underwater.
If it's a boy, I was joking
if it's a daughter, I'll say I did what I did
because I had to...
And if you find my kid later
tell her I laughed too.

We just might work out fine
because I love you enough
to let you give the pain that I want
...And when you do
I just might fuck you
enough to love you.
Once upon my night stand
lied letters piled in columns
postmarked Middle Island
out east in the county of the Solemn.

So begins...

Drew William Holder's Story