Lima, OhioClare Richards

a character in “Glee -after high school-”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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name- Clare Williams (Nee Richards)
age- 32
spouse if any- Married to Tyler Williams
kids names if any- Charlotte Williams, Chantal Williams, Phil Williams, Giselle Williams, and Shawn Williams.
career- The new Spanish teacher.
bio about what happened after school
After high school Clare stayed where she was and after Charlie was one years old Tyler took custody over her leaving Clare with just Chantal left. Either way Clare still did college but she did it from home and she finally got a degree in teaching and took over the Spanish teacher position on week days and on Sundays for a little extra cash she works at a local coffee shop. Clare was a little upset for awhile after she lost Charlie but things eventually turned out better.

Clare and Tyler's kids.

Charlotte Ginger Williams = 16 years old

Chantal Marie Williams = 16 years old

Giselle Gertrude Williams = 11 years old

Phil Travis Williams = 11 years old

Shawn Wesly Williams = 10 years old

So begins...

Clare Richards's Story