Lima, OhioBlair Dormiens

The new girl in town.

a character in “Glee”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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name- Blair Elizabeth Dormiens
description- Blair has dark red hair. She's a small height of 5'2" and she has blue eyes.
personality- Blair is a little cocky and she loves to tease. Blair knows when not to though and never teases too much. Blair is a girl who loves to party and she's not a bitch or a goody goody. She's one of those people who are in between,
favorite type of music and favorite song- Surprisingly she likes Country and Rock. Her favorite song is Days go by - Keith Urban.
other clubs- She's on the soccer team.
likes- Dancing, singing, playing soccer, having fun, and parties.
dislikes- Her drunk mother, when she has too many rules, getting a bad report card, when she's not invited to a party, and her little sister.


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Blair Dormiens's Story