Lima, OhioDerek Bradley

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name- Derek Bradley
description- short brown hair, brown eyes and has quite a good build. Better view of him here!
personality- Outgoing, loves being a bad ass, can usually get what he wants,cunning, loves to see fights are be in ones. Derek is just overall a guy who loves to pull pranks and is just a plain bad ass that you see every day. He has dated almost all the Cheerios and his life goal is to date them all before high school is done.
favorite type of music and favorite song- Rock and metal are his favorite types of music and as for a favorite song his favorite is Break by Three days grace.
other clubs- Wide receiver on the football team and plays goalie on the hockey team.
likes- Hockey, football, hot girls, fights, Cheerios, people like him, and getting what he wants
dislikes- Being told what to do, being wrong, getting turned down, people who tell on him, screaming girls, and anything sissy.

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Derek Bradley's Story