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" I will end this worlds suffering and so end my own..."

a character in “Global Fractures”, as played by Vermilion

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Appearance: Image
Name: Yuri Romanov
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Homecountry: Originally Russia; Now the Japanese Federation
Powered Desire: Epsilon/Empathy- Functions in a 100meter radius. This allows him to sense the emotional state of those around him. The side affect of this is it also influences his emotional state (exp. Becoming angry in a crowd of angry people.) This often, but not always grants him incite into the intentions of his enemies. Furthermore it makes it nearly impossible to lie to him. This power is highly unstable and he has only very limited control over it which has caused him to shun large groups of people, where his power is more likely to affect him.
Location:Left breast 2cm above heart
Occupation: Academy Student. (Rebellion Fighter [system programmer, pilot])
Medium-Long range combat: He has trained to master his heritages pride of marksman ship. This allows him to thrive in ranged combat like no-other.
Tech-Master: Through hours of long study he has made him self proficient the with the operating systems of modern technology. Allowing him to easily operate or modify programs.
Piloting: After hours of reading manuals and using simulators he his prepared to pilot a Mecha Frame
Leadership: This is where his power of "Empathy" shows its true nature. He is able to understand the emotions of his fellows and then use words and actions to coordinate otherwise opposing parties
Mecha Frame: Winter's Touch ImageDifferences- It is painted in a winter white color for the whole Frame. It also has a chain blade built into the right forearm as a melee weapon
Details- This Frame was constructed with ranged combat in mind and is well armored. However this has reduced its speed considerably. Its cockpit contains the most advanced communications and sensor hardware available allowing the weapons it carries to be used at maximum effective range. Weaponry consists of Auto cannon rifle, left shoulder Medium Range Missles, right shoulder 120mm Anti-Frame cannon, and right forearm mounted chainblade close combat weapon.
Future Upgrades: Jump Jets, Sensor jamming, Replacing Anti-Frame cannon with a particle cannon, armor piercing missiles.
Bio:In public Yuri is a friendly and care free which easily makes friends with those around him. He rarely speaks of his past and when he does he only mentions he was born it the mother land and an area around Moscow. Only those he trusts most ever find out what happened in his home town. In combat he becomes quite serious and calm no matter how hectic the situation. On his own time he prefers to surround himself with computers preferring there silent emotionless solitude to the emotional chaos of group interaction.
Other: Yuri's reason for fighting is to put an end to the suffering of those who live in oppression. He plans to prevent others from experiencing the senseless destruction of their homes because of a mere ideological difference.

He is only just transferring into the Academy and does not know any of the people there yet. For his own safety during Rebel operations he goes by "Tsar"

So begins...

Yuri Romanov's Story