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Setting: Global2011-01-10 18:38:48, as written by Oblivian
Japanese Federation

Tokyo Academy

The warning bells rang for the begining of the classes as the students started chattering as they walked inside the building toward their classes. As the school grounds slowly emptied out, silence came along until one person came through the front gates.

Ryu had just moved here on his own as he looked at the building and let out a sigh. "A so called "Oaises in a Desert" it seems." He spoke out as the building was nicely designed, making anyone forget that a massive war was on the loose. The reason was because the Academy was at the center of the city. The closer you get to the borders, the more of the damage you see. Broken buildings, people on the street, and Mecha Frames patroling around to "keep order". Ryu could feel the troubles that people went through when he went by there of how bad it was. Only those with money or connections could have a normal life.

Walking up into the building, he made his way to his first class as the teacher waited for him at the door. "Ah, there you are, Ryu. Please, wait here so I can introduce you to the class." Standing by the door as the teacher walked in to settle the class down, Ryu wondered how this place would be like. He could use his power to sense all that, but he wasn't much on overusing an ability that connects him with others to much. Breaking from his trian of thought, he heard the teach call him in as he entered the classroom.

Standing by the teacher's desk, he introduces himself. "My name is Ryu Tenshin. I just moved around here." As the teach took over the greeting from there on, he looked through the class room at his new fellow students.