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Setting: Global2011-01-12 09:09:37, as written by Vio-Lance
Maximillian smiled brightly as he walked heard the school-bell echo in the distance. Ever since the raid on England, and his moving here, he hadn't been to school. His private schooling there had been much more intensive than the curriculum here, but he didn't really care. As long as he was able to do what he loved, he could care less about education. He refocused. Right. No time to get distracted. He walked back into the garage, smirking at the man whom was sat in with him, looking rather nervous.

Max wiped the grease off of his gloves and onto his work apron, walking over to the man. "Well, Mr. Robtson, you sure did get in on a wreck, didn't you?" He said, trying to keep the coversation light-hearted. "I'm glad you're okay. And your car's damages are not going to be perminant. Though, they might be a little costlier than you wanted them to be, I'm sure pop won't mind cutting the price back just a bit for you; since you're such a regular." He said, looking back towards the vehicle. The front end was badly dinged up. "It's honestly just because of the framework that'll need to be done. Internally, only the containers for fluids are damaged, and we won't charge you maybe ten dollars for those."

The man sighed. "Yeah. Thanks, Max. What are the probability of we getting it out of here today?" He said dully.
"About as high as you might think. We've got a lot of business these days. Max responded, returning to the car to look it over once more.
"That's a 'fat chance', isn't it?" The man said with another sigh.
"Well... if we had the parts ,we could get it out in a few hours. But we just don't keep parts lying around. Or at least not car framework..." He said, shrugging.

After about an hour or so passed, Max was outside again, gazing towards the school, waiting for the class change bell to ring, as it always did. He really was waiting on his father to finish giving their customer the dues on his repairs. However, his mind wandered. What was school here really like...?