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Setting: Global2011-01-12 16:26:45, as written by Oblivian
The teacher spotted Namina sneaking in as he calles out to her, "Namina...stay after classes later, please?" Once he was done directing to Namina sneaking in, he turned back to Ryu, "Well, since you already know who Namina is, you can take the seat next to her." Ryu nods at the teacher and walks over to his seat as he sets his bag down and looks over at Namina before looking back at the front of the class. The bell for starting the classes rang as the teach started to teach.
As the class, went along, Ryu hardly did anything, just following along abit with the course. When the end of the class came along, Ryu just silently picked up his bag and began to head out the door. He didn't really have anything to do around here, so he decided to look around the school grounds abit.