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Setting: Global2011-01-12 22:44:16, as written by Kugorie
Namina huffed at the teacher but had sat down and waited for the him to finish talking. When the new boy Ryu sat down beside her she watched him for a bit then cleared her throat to say 'Hi'. Unfortunatly he had already got up and was leaving when the class ended. Sadly Namina looked down then walked down to the teachers desk "Yes sir?"


The teacher looked at Namina and thought about how she should put her detention. Then a light bulb hit him. He knew she didn't like to stay at school and if sshe was to lead someone around she would, for sure, have to stay at school until her buddy was done. "I want you to show Ryu around the school and help him get to his classes and just make him feel welcome here." The teacher grinned happy with his brillant discuisson.


Naminas jaw dropped "You have to be kidding me!" She yelled and the teacher shook his head with a polite smile. Namina stood up straight, popped her jacket and walked out of the room to go find Ryu. Her face showed a wall of anger as she searched for him.