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Setting: Global2011-01-17 22:33:18, as written by Kugorie
As Namina rounded the corner to go get Ryu she noticed how he was laying down calm as if nothing would ever happen. She huffed and pushed her bangs out of her face. She looked down shaking her head in annoyance then she looked back up with, what looked like, hardly any movement. She watched Ryu stand up and go to move but she gave him the stare. The one that cried out 'Move a muscle and die' She was in no mood to have to play tag.
She swiftly moved closer to him her body moving so elegantly and gentle. She body said she wouldn't hurt a fly, while her eyes told a different story. As she got closer to Ryu she half hesitated to make sure he would be ok with her coming near. It was the only time she lowered her guard a bit.