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Setting: Global2011-01-22 21:26:54, as written by Oblivian
Hearing her, he let's out a sigh, "Fine fine..guess I got no choice." He says, abit annoyed as he faces her with his bag over his shoulder. He was going to start his "recon" for a place to get himself a Mech and start his plans, but it looks like it was ruined now as he wiated for ehr to lead him off.
Not far off, just outside the run down part of the city, a group of people have gathered in a warehouse, weapons and stolen Mechs around them.

"Alright, we got everything set?"
"Just about, only need the signal from him as to where the tunnel is at."
"Once we're in, remember to attack all resouce, weapon, and goverment targets. The more we get, the weaker the city will be for the next step."
"Got it!"

The group of people split up, each heading to get equipment and ready themselves for a sneak strike on the city.