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"Live it while you can,"

a character in “Glow”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Martin Redd Jeffery

Age (15-18): 16

Picture (anime): Image


Personality: Martin is a rebel without a cause, just picking something to call the “enemy” and then attempting to get a small group to go against it, or he’ll just do graffiti and play hooky to skip school. He doesn’t seem to care that the path he’s taking will seriously screw him up as an adult, as he’s heard the adults lecture him and punish him before and it didn’t seem to affect him then, and it certainly won’t affect him now. However, he will never do something that harms others badly, like arson or rob a house, the worse that he’ll do is graffiti and he’ll strongly discourage his friends from doing things such as that.

He doesn’t like “goodie-goodies”, especially the kind that just wears a mask to be “accepted” by society. He’ll never hide his emotions, and he certainly won’t sugar coat it, though he won’t blatantly insult you unless you happen to piss him off. He doesn’t like any form of control, like forced control. He’s gullible as he’s sort of easy to fool, he won’t be fooled really easily, but back your story up to make it believable and you have him fooled.

He doesn’t really like the high tech that’s around him and prefers old, retro things; he often finds these things at the dump, so he hangs out there a lot. He’s also a believer of some government conspiracies, though half of them are most likely not true at all.

He despises people who value materialistic things more than people and especially people who would sell out on their family and friends. He also hates broken promises and will have you swear to your heart that you’ll get something done with him doing the same. He treats his friends and the maids and butlers in his house like his family, though that doesn’t mean that you can just persuade him from being a rebel, even if you are a friend.

He always tries new things, his philosophy being “Live it while you can,”

Phobias: The government having complete control over everything and that they hide and cover up everything.

Likes: Rebelling, playing hooky, doing graffiti, rollerblading, and his friends.

Dislikes: People lecturing him, “goodie-goodies”, sell outs, government control and cover ups, broken promises.


History (optional): Martin is a single child, having no siblings to keep him company while his parents were often away on business. He had some maids and butlers that would often take care of him instead. During his elementary years, he was a good boy, who was eager to please. He’d always try to show his parents his work from school, ask if they were proud of him, and all they’d say was “Oh… That’s nice,” And then go back to their work. They never returned his calls when they were on business trips. They always promised that they’d go visit the park, go to the movies… Yet when he reminded them, they always told him, “Oh? I promised that? We’ll do it on another day then,” He slowly realized in 7th grade that all they saw him as was someone to inherit and carry on the business, and were manipulating him to do it.

In 8th grade he finally just gave up the idea of trying to impress his parents and started to become a rebel, starting from simply being tardy at school and playing hooky to him getting caught by the police for graffiti. He could only laugh at how now that he wasn’t being such a good boy anymore, now asking about his whereabouts all the time, asking about his grades and school work, and even yelled at him about how could he do this to them. He thought about telling them, but then he decided that if they really cared, they’d find out themselves. He formed a small group of rebels that soon became his close friends, doing various things such as graffiti, and hanging out at a clubhouse they made at the dump. His parents soon threatened to do things such as cut him off from any cash and write him out of the will, but by now, he doesn’t care. He and his friends often go around trying to find proof for any conspiracies that they believe, though they don’t tell anyone because everyone will think they’re crazy.

Oh, and Look a flying monkey!

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Martin Redd Jeffery's Story