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God of Fear, Madness and the Harvest

356 views · last seen in Late Medieval.
a character in “Gods; A New Age.”, as played by Sneakyrio


God Name: Hallow
Title: Fear, Madness and the Harvest
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
God Appearance: Look, if you dare!
Personality: Being the god of madness, Hallow, is well, mad. Hallow would just as soon pick you up and hug you as rip out your intestines and strangle you with them. Though he often rambles in his insane musings, he does have a rather brilliant way of perceiving things. Though they often turn violent, his ravings. If they're is one thing Hallow cannot tolerate, it is being interrupted. But, being mad, it is often hard to tell when he is done speaking. Which often leads to many violent disembowlings which leads to him going through Avatars rather quickly. Which is why he loves his newest Avatar. He's a mad mute!

Hallow believes madness is just an evolved way of thinking. That the mad are able to perceive things that the sane may not even be aware of. Then again, the sane are able to perceive things that the mad are not. Even so, he has his people taught the brilliance of being mad. Though not all mad people are brilliant, all brilliant people are mad.

Hallow believes fear is what drives all mortals to do what they do. They fight in wars for fear of losing the ones they love or fear of losing money. They fight for survival for the fear of dying. He feels that fear is the fuel for every decision and reason for existence. Fear is the foundation for every living creature, so he has his people taught this. That you should accept fear and let it fuel yourself, so you can be all you can be in this world. Let fear fuel everything you do, but do not let it rule you......unless you feel like it. Though the Acolytes usually leave that part out of sermons.

The Harvest is the one none threatening thing about Hallow. He is obsessed with always making sure that his peoples crops are bountiful and delicious. If you never want Hallow to shut up, just ask him about corn. His mad rants on how farming and harvesting is the base for all things he represents is very......insane. Though you never know what to expect with Hallow, there's never a boring moment.

Opinion of mortals: "Mortals have a great aptitude for madness where as gods do not. For this, I bless them with CORN! And curse them with JUNIPER BERRIES!
God’s Domain: Phobia: An endless pumpkin patch in black soil lays before a massive Pumpkin Castle. The souls of his dead tend the fields, doing what they loved. Behind the great fortress lies a never ending sea of mountains that actually move like the sea. The Harvest Moon always glowing high in the eternal night sky.

Often seen in the mountain sea are horrid nightmarish creatures that could only be conceived by a fear stricken mad man. Though none know it, there are hundreds of protectors for his dead, spread throughout his domain, awaiting to rise up and devour intruders. If they are invited, they are always shown the way through the weaving hills of the pumpkins to the great Hallowed Pumpkin where the god of Madness feasts.

Hallow feasts on crops of all kinds, provided by his lands, tilled by his people. He eats with them and they engage in such mad revelry and games of fright. Ever by his side is his trusty personal servant, Pravis. Pravis is a very subtly mad servant that helps Hallow focus on his duties, especially around harvest season.

Avatar Name: Jackson of the Lantern
Avatar Appearance
Personality:Jackson is a very stoic seeming quiet fellow. He is deadly at what he does and seems to always know what to do in any given situation in even only a split second. With his nature this way, many people wonder why he is the Avatar of the God of Madness. Well, Jackson rarely speaks, but, if you actually get him to talk, you'll hear just how insane Jackson is. He is mad beyond comprehension and seems to be afraid of everything. Yet, at the same time, also seem that he is a stoic genius. He is like a symphony of chaos, and is just as unpredictable.
Magic Abilities: Jackson is rather good at using a particular type of Illusion magic mixed with psychic magic that was developed by the Hallowed Acolytes called Phobiamancy. By quickly making a psychic link with an enemy, he can delve into his subconscious and manifest what he fears the most. Very few can do this for it is said that in order to use this effectively in combat, you have to be mad.

Hero: Vardon Manias
Personality: Vardon is the Captain of the Nightmare Soldiers, The Hallowed's elite warriors. Vardon is very disciplined and has great love for his country and people. He is also dangerously paranoid and believes that someone is always stalking him. On the battlefield he channels into mad rage and envisions everyone of his opponents is his stalker.

Hero: Marian Dementia
Personality: Marian, though young, is the Hallowed Mother of the Temple of the Hallowed. She is the head of her order and the Acolyts follow her. She is always seen with a giant grin on her face(contrary to the picture) and is usually giggling about something. She demands never to be questioned as she has a particularly strange way of doing things, but they work. She is one of the few "enlightened" members of the order. By "enlightened" I of course mean mad as a hatter.

Terrain Preference: Farmland

Name of Kingdom/Empire: The Hallowed Commune
Capital: Autumn Wisp (Capital) (Just West of center of the Country)
Major Cities:
-Harvestine (Major Farm City) (Near the Eastern Coast)
-Lantern Fall (Trade/Port City) (On the Southern Coast)
-Nightmare Hollow (Military outpost) (Near the North Western border)
-Fools Patch (Farm Commune) Near the South Western border)
The Hallowed people are a particularly odd bunch. Even though sunlight is very common, the people are rather pale. They often have red or brown hair, rarely blonde. Eye color can go from blue to green to purple, even to red. They are a rather well built people, most of them being farmers and descended from long lines of farmers.

The Hallowed people are very friendly and are often smiling for they often do what they love. Having their patron god be an embodiement of fear, they love a good scare. Many citizens will play pranks on each other, trying to scare one another on their time off from farm work. It is very easy to say, for a place ruled by fear, there couldn't be more smiles. The people all have nightmares once a week. They see this as a sign that their god is still watching over them.

The Hallowed forests are filled with lost spirits that the people call Will O'Wisps. They often appear around the Harvest season, and if you see one in your fields, you are guaranteed to have a good Harvest. The Harvest is the busiest time of the year for the Hallowed People of the Commune. The Acolytes are blessing the crops and the farmers are working all day and night. The only people who are not busy during the Harvest season are the nobles. The Nobles have to balance the economy and constantly regulate prices for all the export of their country. During the Harvest, this all stops. An interesting thing about the nobles of the Hallowed Commune are that they all wear masks, usually rather frightening masks as a constant show of favor to Hallow, due to the fact that they do not tend the field.

People who are found to be mad, are sent to the Hallowed Temple. For it seems the mad in the Commune have a much better way of perceiving situations that plague the country compared to the sane ones. These individuals are known as Enlightened ones.

When the Harvest ends, then starts 2 weeks of Holiday known as Hallows End. There is much revelry and drinking. There are games of all sorts that last the entire 2 weeks, games of fright and games thought. The most loved tradition, is the night before the Hallows End is over called Hallows Eve. All Hallowed people gather in the nearest City to erect a wicker statue of Hallow. They then party around it all night and eat many Pumpkin oriented foods. Then when it is almost Midnight, the citizens hold hands around the statue and sing. As they sing, the Wicker Hallows Head is set ablaze. If the flame does not spread immediately to the rest of Hallow and stays in his head until midnight, then they know Hallow was pleased with the harvest. If not, better luck next year.

The main source of income for the Hallowed people is their crops. They grow the fattest, sweetest and most plump of any kind of crop. They supply the rest of the world with their crops. Their wheat makes the best ale and their pumpkins are the biggest and plumpest in all the world. The prices they charge are worth every penny to the other countries. If it wasn't for the Hallowed Commune, a lot of them would starve.

The Hallowed Commune has no qualms selling with any other country. They are taught to treat everyone equally, just as fear and madness does. They don't care if your a nose stuck in a book scientist or a blood thirsty pirate. As long as you don't try anything, everything will be just fine. But, if you do cause some trouble, well, then they will just have to GUT YOUR SMALL INTESTINE OUT AND SKIP ROPE WITH IT!!

The country is run as a commune. Each city sends representatives of a certain amount to the capital for national meetings. Each month, the people of each city vote on who goes and what amount of people should go. When they arrive at the capital, they are all presided over a group of nobles and the Hallowed Three. The Hallowed Mother, The Captain of the Nightmare Soldiers and the Avatar. It is then that they discuss whatever it is they need to discuss. No noble holds station over a peasant, they simply deserve respect and are there to maintain order. As are the hallowed three, yet the three hold no actual power, there decisions and advice are simply meant to be respected, but they can be denied anytime.

(Don;t really know enough about the other gods to make any other kind of political statement)
Other: What else do you want to tell us?

So begins...

Hallow's Story