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Gods Among Us: The Godslayer » Places

Places in Gods Among Us: The Godslayer

This is a list of locations that can be found in Gods Among Us: The Godslayer.

All Places

Vasta City

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Alan couldn't lie, he wanted to bury his head in the sand and forget all about murdered Gods and petty infighting. He would rather be alone, in Silva's pocket dimension, experimenting with the latest batch of natural oddities. Away from the constant back and forth bickering that seemed to swirl the drain of their lives as of late. Isla was stirring the crowd with her anxieties, and Alan knew that he could do little to dissuade her from ranting and raving. She was at the mercy of Blythe, and Blythe had always been one of the more radical Gods to come from Creation.

But he couldn't turn away now, and it seemed as if his words weren't careful enough to smooth the frayed threads in the room.

“We have not worked together for centuries, I know this. It was not unheard of back in the day, for Gods to band together for the greater good. Maybe it's come time for some...camaraderie. Focus our skills on hunting down whoever thinks they can destroy us”

He found himself growing rather annoyed, Silva's thoughts filling in the gaps of his mind as he tried to think of a solution to their problem - Keeping the peace when there's already been bloodshed is futile, its high time to act Alan. But Alan didn't fancy the thought of War, regardless of who lead the charge. It felt irresponsible, to let those of such a dangerous nature off of the very short leash that they were currently being held on. And it felt equally as irresponsible to turn a blind eye like he wanted to. Alan would absolutely refuse the blame were things to go wrong. Regardless of his status, he had always been far more inclined to protect humanity.

Was Yongmul right? Should they set aside their very nature? Throw away the traditions that formed them? Alan had always found it odd that there was such a divide between the Gods. But Silva bristled at the very mention of doing away with the long standing hierarchy. They had their roles for a reason, had thrived within those very roles for millenia, and Silva found comfort in being amongst those of such a high regard.

"Though, perhaps not just some gods of war?" Ahya joined in, cementing for Alan the fact that there was no sweeping this away. "Diversity is fundamental for maximum productivity in the workplace."

It wasn't Alan who parted his lips to speak, and it wasn't Alan whose voice swirled throughout the room like a stiff breeze, sonorous and slow

"Hoping for an agreement to be reached is useless, there will be opposition regardless of the chosen course of action. So be it. Each God here has, whether they've chosen it or not, placed themselves within this 'coming war'." Silva did not waver for a moment, though he softened at the sight of Blythe. He knew that she wished for peace of mind, but it was unlikely to come to one such as her. Not now, at least. "I suggest those that cannot face this discussion with rationality step away now." He watched for a very long moment, as Isla seemed to flutter between unsurity. Blythe was steadfast and angry, but Isla had never wanted anything to do with the Gods even as she herself became one. But She felt guilty, in the same way that a survivor would were she to ignore these prophecies altogether and hide away. Alan was giving her an obvious out, a moment to think about whether she was truly going to help or not. After a long moment the young woman pursed her lips tightly together, arms crossed. She could not look him in the eye, but she did not leave the room. Still, she hunched in on herself, looking just as windswept and wild as when she had stormed in spouting off about her prophecies.

"We all have a part to play, I agree we should all be in it together." Isla muttered under her breath.

"I am willing to endorse this cooperation of all Gods regarding this matter, to work together, rather than apart." But Silva wasn't the only Major God in the room, nor was he the only God whose opinion mattered on the subject. He was no dictator, and the Gods were just as likely to take matters into their own hands in private if not given a choice. "It may be true that I have been less than proactive regarding the situation. But I am curious, what certain Gods of War, may suggest we do." Silva clenched his teeth as he spoke. Loathe to admit any fault at all, but knowing that it would do more for his image than if he were to argue uselessly. He focused on Catarina then, studying her for a long moment. Alan had a...complicated relationship with Catarina. A back and forth tug of war between the two of them that constantly had Alan on his toes, her motives were always an unknown to him. A variable he couldn't account for. She was being extremely vocal about this situation, and her ire, despite being grating, called to the destructive properties of his Domain. Nature could be just as Cruel as any other. He would much rather have her - and many others - where he could see them, as opposed to closing his eyes when it matters most.


Musée De Vries

The glittering glass domed building loomed over Park Square. Its pristine marble columns shooting into the sky. Upon approaching the building you are greeted by two gargoyle rabbits perched above the door.

Navi's Realm

The sun is ever present, warming everything it touches.

The Pier

The scent of smoke and alcohol wafts from the entrance of The Pier, the dim red lights spilling out into the night. "Welcome," Greets a sharply grinning woman from behind the bar as you enter. Her eyes seeming to glow in the dark.

Silva's Forest

The forest is brighter than seems natural, lit by the glow of two golden suns in the sky. Cicada song and the rustling of wind through the leaves draws you nearer to the cover of trees.

The Pantheon

The mirror leading to the Pantheon shimmers in hues of gold and silver. Stepping up to it, you place one hand against the reflective surface, it sinks through to the other side. Pulling you straight into the main chamber of the Pantheon.

Pocket Dimensions

For a moment the world fades away, replaced by an ink black darkness. It's impossible to see anything here. No sight, no sound, you could be driven mad in this place. Just when your mind begins to fray, a glint of shiny light pierces the darkness.