Gods and Devils

Gods and Devils

A Dominium with much potential, stil young. What shall you, as a God or Devil with an opposite power, do with this Dominium?

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Dominium 52. That holds true meaning. Each Dominium is a separate universe. Each has a Pantheon of Gods and Devils. Each of them, called powers, were split from their opposite by Fate. They were originally a truly neutral being, but then they all ere split. Who rules all of the Dominiums? Chaos and Order. The two Great Powers. They exist at different sides of the Moral Compass. But you, you are a power in the 52nd Dominium, along with 665 others. You hold influence over one sphere. You are equal with your opposite. Also, there exist major Powers. Such as: Isthmus, Collosus, Mond, Sol, Conbel, and others. You may be a Major or a Minor, but one thing is certain:
In the 52nd Dominium, there are Gods and Devils.

Acts are what you do. As in: giant fire, life, etc.
Flame: Creates Fire
Creation: Creates a race.
Specialized Creation: Creates a being for a specific purpose
Wave: Creates water
Material Creation: Creates a new type of material, eg: Iron, steel, etc.
Influence: Changes the though power of another , whether mortal, a power, or both.
Bless: Gives a soul a blessing
Curse: Taints a soul.
Realm Creation: Creates an independent pocket inside of the Dominium
Avatar: Sends a Power down in Mortal form.
Covenant: Creates an irrevocable contract
Corruption: Mqkes a mortal being a demon(Devils only)
Divine Blessing: Makes a mortal an angel(Gods only)
Lead: Makes a dead mortal soul or body come back to the Mortal Realm
Raise: Makes a mortal either a or a Devil, depending on if they were cursed or Blessed.

God or Devil:
Your Opposite(will be an NPCA):
Specialty(What you have influence over)):


Toggle Rules

2: No Metagaming
3: No Godmodding
4: You are, at first, equal to your opposite.
5: At the start, the technology is EARLY IRON AGE!!!

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uh... let me edit the part about an opposite a bit. ^^;

EDIT: There. I nmade the profiles for both Lexkarlso (my primary character) and Insurgosi (the opposite of him). I hope they are both okay.

Gods and Devils

Yes, i know. An rp where you are a God or Devil? PEOPLE WILL BE OUTTA CONTROL!!! But dont worry; ill keep everyone in their place >:D