GokugakkuDelora Lacy

"Come at me bro!"

a character in “Gokugakku: Cruel Class!!”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Delora Lacy

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: Image
*Her hair is pink while her eyes are yellow*

Rank: First year- [strike]Sex[/strike] Slave

History: Delora's parents were always very strict. However... from the day that they tried to 'improvise' Delora's school paper on what she wanted to be when she grew up in first grade, or rather 'put what they want her to be' on the paper', she ripped it up. She was put in her room and her parents wrote a paper for her, but she thew that one away and wrote the one she wanted to on the bus. It got a C+ and her parents were furious, but she didn't care. From then on she has been rebelling against her parents. Her parents often try to force her to take on the business career, like they did, but she continues to rebel against them. Her parents could care less about her own interests, partly because they believe that her interests will lead to an 'unsuccessful' life.

She refuses to acknowledge them as her parents, now only referring to them by their names now. However, the more she rebels, the more they try and interfere with her life. This is because as teens her parents had 'rebelled' to get attention from their parents, but they only continued to ignore them, so her parents think that they have to pay close attention to Delora due to her rebelliousness. Of course, Delora is unaware of this, as she thinks of them as just being strict control freaks. She's jealous of how her sister barely gets any attention from her parents, though other than that she thinks of her to be boring.

So they finally sent her to Gokugakku, hoping that perhaps the experience there would straighten her up a bit, as their oldest daughter been there for two years straight! And willingly too! So how bad can it be?

Delora is very outgoing and loves any kind of adventure. She's bored by 'normal' things and attempts to spice up life... Though at times she goes to far. She is very stubborn and if you try to hint at doing something she doesn't like, she'll backlash at you. She can go for hours on end with her theories on the paranormal and what exists after death and the like, yet no one wants to ever hear her. When she doesn't like someone, she'll do things on purpose to try and upset them. She doesn't like most authority figures, or rules in general really, though this may be because of her parents.

Fighting Style: She mainly just charges at the enemy blindly at first, but after a few beat downs she does have somewhat of a strategy- To dodge with agility and then try to hit any visible weak points.

Special Moves: Technique No.1 - runs around the enemy in a circle and then using something to get air, kicks them in the head.

Technique No.2 - She focuses her Ki into her fighting stick and uses it with much more force than she did before along with preforming various feats of agility. She's still trying to master this though, mainly because 'focus' and 'Delora' are not synonyms. At all.

Technique No.3 - She focuses her Ki into her scarf and controls it with some wind-like abilities, like summoning gusts of wind. Still trying to master this as well.

Items: -A bunch of school supplies and other business like stuff her parents gave her. Currently trying to sell it off or find some sort of use for it. Excluding school related purposes.

-Various 'supernatural' related objects.

Weapons: Her scarf as shown in the appearance and her fighting stick.

Quote(s): "I am not a girl. I AM A WOMAN." "Come at me bro!" "Of course spirits exist! I'm not spouting mumbo jumbo! I even saw one once, honest!"

Theme Song: Avril Lavigne - Anything But Ordinary

Extra: N/A

So begins...

Delora Lacy's Story