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Name: Egan Michael Henderson

Age: 16

Gender: male
Sexuality: gay
Addiction or Disorder: anorexia and cocaine (used to keep himself from eating)

Appearance: (things we don't see in the picture(Height, weight, so on))
Height: 5'6
Weight: 98 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light brown
Clothes: dress pants, dress shirts, and a tie. Sometimes a sweater vest or cardigan or suit jacket


Egan is a little awkward, he tends to drop stuff while he's talking or stumble over his words. He has a hard time in social situations, he never really knows how he's supposed to ask. He's really smart and that usually makes other people uncomfortable so he usually just doesn't talk. He comes across as cold sometimes because he's so shy and suspicious of everyone. However, he is a nice person and if he gets to know you, he's very friendly and loyal. His addictions are an eating disorder, anorexia and cocaine. He's a perfectionist and expects himself to be completely flawless. He's extremely critical of himself but he tries not to be with other people. He isn't completely ready to face his addictions yet but after having what was first thought of as a heart attack (ended up developing heart arrhythmia), he was hospitalized and spent two weeks there detoxing and gaining some weight through a feeding tube. He does believe he has a problem but he's terrified to figure out the reasons behind it. He has alot of trust issues and so making friends is usually pretty hard as he views everyone he meets as a threat.
He's in grade 12.

Reading: law, religions, demonology, criminology, psychology, sociology, autobiographies, biographies
Movies: documentaries, fantasy, romantic comedies
TV: Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Criminal Minds and more
he likes softer music, he isn't into death metal or anything like that, mostly classic rock or older stuff.
Old books

talking about emotions or anything serious outside of academics
loud music

His room:
His room is OCD type clean. When you walk into the room, his bed is on the far left hand side in the corner and always perfectly made. There's a desk under the window and books and papers scattered about it (the only part not organized). There's a closet at the foot of his bed. On the right side of the room is a dresser along the wall with the door. The far right wall is lined in bookshelves that are completely full (all books he's read or planning to read). It's very impersonal, with only two pictures. One is on the nightstand beside his bed (his birth parents) and a lamp is beside that. The other picture is of him, his twin brother (not identical), and his adoptive mom Ava. This picture is on the windowsill. The painting of The Scream is on the wall beside the door and between the closet. Other than that, there's no other pictures or paintings. His bedspread is a dark blue with white sheets and a dark blue pillow case. He has three pairs of shoes lined up beside the door on a small mat and beside the bookshelves in the far right corner is a small camping chair (one of those material type ones that fold up) for reading with a standing lamp.


A book
A tie


Egan has a twin brother, Asken but they haven't spoken in a while. They watched their parents be murdered in front of them when they were 11. When they were 12, they were adopted by Ava Henderson. As kids, Egan idolized Asken. They're complete opposites, Asken is the typical jock, social god and football player who thrives in the center of attention. Egan on the other hand, was always completely socially awkward and never good at sports like his brother. His parents favored Asken, especially their dad and it gave Egan a sense that he was never good enough. When he moved in with Ava, she did an IQ test on him after seeing how smart he was and realized he has an IQ of 165. At that point, she got him to skip grades 7 and 8 and now he's in grade 12. He's spent his childhood and teenage years being constantly bullied and beaten up. When he was younger, Asken used to stick up for him and fight off anyone who messed with him but as they got older, Asken became the bully. At school, his brother constantly humiliates him in front of the other students and encourages others to bully him. There's alot of things that have happened to him, all in the name of "just having a little fun" and it's caused him to always be afraid and watching out for threats.

Crush: Jeremiah Shávon Rowland

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Egan Henderson's Story