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Name: Guy Meyers
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Addiction or Disorder: Adrenaline Addiction, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism
Appearance: 6'2" 170lbs with an attractively sunken in face and scars from multiple accidents in his past.
Personality: Guy is quiet, and observational... when he's sober. Get him high, or drunk, and he's a new man. Outspoken, risky, fun, and flirty. That's who he wants to be.
Likes: Smoking, Drinking, Partying
Dislikes: Sober Guy
Brief History: Guy was an 'oops' baby, not wanted by his mother nor father. Growing up he was largely ignored, and when he did get attention, it was because he did something wrong, or didn't do something good enough. When he was 12 guy was introduced to the bliss of a high, and hasn't looked back ever since. He started drinking at 14. When he was 16 Guy had a bad high, it was the scariest thing he had ever experienced. Even now, as he craves the drugs and alcohol, he can't get it out of his head. He ended up in a hospital; a two day coma, and another two week hospital stay for the other injuries he had caused himself. His parents sent him to rehab as soon as he checked out of the hospital.
Room: The bed and desk in Guys room have exchanged places, with the bed sticking out into the room rather than along the wall, and the desk along the wall with the window. Posters are plastered all over the room, and Guy has opted out of the table and bean bags. His comforter is unique because his friends made it for him when they found out he was being shipped off. It's spray painted a plain black comforter with their tags and some other key things in their life; band names, mottos, ect. They made sure not to adorn it with any hemp symbols or stuff of that nature seeing as he was off to rehab.

So begins...

Guy Meyers's Story