The Gold Canyon Rehab CenterIndirah Naiya Elean

"If you could only see the beast you've made me..."

a character in “Gold Canyon Rehab Center”, as played by Queer 8D

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ImageName : Indirah [In - Dee - Eer - Ah] Naiya [Na - Ee - Ah] Elean [Eel - Ee - Ahn]

Age : 17

Gender : Female

Addiction and / or Disorder : Sex Addiction && Eating Disorder

Appearance : Bright blue-ish grey eyes, dark brown eyes and fair coloured skin. Indirah has naturally red lips, and high cheek bones. She is 5'9.5 ft (without shoes) Her measurements are: 32-24.5-34.5. She has a few tattoos, and piercings hidden on her body. (pictures to your right)

Personality : Indirah is very quiet, but extremely fidgety. She always has to do something, whether it is drawing, singing, or simply tapping her finger on a table top. She's a mystery to most people, and not a single soul can understand her and what she wants from them. Though she's quiet, if you were to say a simple sentence that she is in complete disagreement of; she will shut you down completely.

Likes : Silence, and being alone. She's a loner, and enjoy being by herself to think.

Dislikes : Crowds, Loud people, or anything loud for that matter. It irritates her, and voices echoes in her head whenever things get too loud.

Brief History : Indirah as a child was a witness and victim of Domestic Violence, Verbal Abuse and Child Abuse. She soon became Schizophrenic, and grew into a bad case of OCD.

Room : [x]

Desk Area [x]

Closet : [x]

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Indirah Naiya Elean's Story