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Jared Daniél Knowles


Name: Jared Daniél Knowles
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Addiction or Disorder: Sex Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

Appearance: Jared stands at a decent 5’6”. He has beautiful silky smooth hair with caramel highlights. He has a tattoo of a butterfly on his left shoulder and a koi fish on his right side. His eyes are a deep blue, almost sapphire in color. Both of his ears are pierced; two holes in each ear. He often wears a combination of post earrings and small hoops of various colors. He weighs around 145 pounds and has a developed muscular tone. He doesn’t have any facial hair because he normally shaves it off. Jared’s belly button is also pierced, though no one knows because his clothing covers it, but he isn’t ashamed of it. Jared has beautiful tanned skin, nearly flawless, the exception being the scars he gets when he fights. He has a full set of kissable lips that nearly everyone finds irresistible.

Personality: Jared likes to talk and flirt when he is sober. When he is under the influence, he is very loud and violent, often times wanting to fight anyone near. When sober, Jared is kind, but he is always trying to find some kind of porn to watch or find some loose male or female to have sex with. Because of his sex addiction, he is constantly thinking about sex. Jared, despite his addiction and disorder, is actually very smart. He is an A plus student in school and can speak quite intellectually in conversation; speaking both Spanish and Chinese fluently. He likes thinking about different types of cocktails and liquors that he could mix to make potent drinks.

His Favorite Color: Green

Disrespectful People
Stormy Weather
Being Under the Influence
Ungrateful People

Brief History: On September 21, two wealthy entrepreneurs, Nicholas and Vera Knowles, had a beautiful baby boy whom they loved and spoiled rotten. Throughout his entire life, Jared was given the best. He went to the best school, got the best grades in school, given the best clothes and his allowance was bigger than the amount of a three digit car payment. When he turned 13, he got his first experience with sex and alcohol and has been hooked ever since. His case wasn’t as apparent as others in his shoes. His grades never dropped, but his attitude changed. It wasn’t until he was 15 that his parents found out about his addiction and disorder. He had been sneaking alcohol into their house and having sex both protected and unprotected whenever they were gone. At first his parents grounded him, but it didn’t work. He’d sneak out and even when he was caught, he’d be very disrespectful to his parents and act as if he ruled everything.

On September 15, his mother died. Jared spiraled into depression. He was 16 at the time and felt that it was his fault that she had died. He went through hell during the first six months after her death. He started drinking to dangerous levels, and had sex without regard to any type of specification. He was dangerous to himself and those around him. When his father attempted to console him, he would lash out and refuse his father’s help. Eventually, Jared was arrested for fighting in a store. When his father came to retrieve him from the jail, he decided that in order to help Jared, he’d send him to Gold Canyon Rehab Center. Jared lashed out again at his father, cursing him and daring him to try to put him in a rehab center. He had to be physically restrained and put in the back of a police car in order to get him to Gold Canyon Rehab Center. On the ride there, Jared broke down and cried for the first time since his mother’s death. He let out all his frustration and pain in the back of the police car. The police officer that was driving talked with him the entire way to Gold Canyon Rehab Center, and by the time they had arrive, Jared had calmed down and accepted the fact that he needed help. He apologized to his father who had also driven up to the rehab center and was admitted just three days before his birthday.

Crush: Nina Armon. He's openly flirtatious with her and doesn't hide his affection towards her, but she seems to hide her feelings and resists his affection. They are really good friends, but Jared wishes it was more than just friends.


Jared’s Room

Wall: ... 00x366.jpg

Bed: ... -bed-3.jpg

Floor: ... ess_ad.jpg

Nightstand: ... 919-ET.jpg {color in conjunction with wall paper and bed}

Table: {located against the wall in the middle of the room}

Wall Decorations:
Poster = ... design.jpg
Clock = ... Clocks.png

Bookcase and Desk: ... -Uffix.jpg

Closet: ... 33x393.jpg

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Jared Daniél Knowles's Story