The Gold Canyon Rehab CenterJason Mathews

"I'm an addict? ...That's news to me."

a character in “Gold Canyon Rehab Center”, as played by RoxUrSox

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Jason "Tech" Mathews

"...Does it really matter?" Jason is 17 years old.

"... sigh." Male

Addiction or Disorder
"You say addiction, I say passion. You say disorder, I say my unique state of order." Jason is addicted to; computer/console gaming, hallucinogenic drugs, and sex.

"Can't you tell... I'm a robot." Jason Mathews has a peculiar sense of style and fashion, often seen wearing a helmet. He wears dark clothing and has a techno electronic fashion sense, developed from his music sense. Although people do not see his face often Jason is incredibly handsome. His skin is of light complexion and he has short blonde hair and hazel eyes. Jason is 6ft tall and weighs 154 pounds.

"What personality?" Being an addict Jason has an addictive personality, something which he is not particularly proud of. Jason loves to party and is known as the life of the party with his high energetic personality. Generally happy and carefree but can sometimes seem as his helmet, robotic. Because of his withdrawal Jason has become apathetic with a lack of passion, something which is completely opposite to his usual self. Although he doesn't have an explosive temper or emotions Jason now creates much conflict between people around him, also unlike his usual personalities. Once he has become use to his withdrawal Jason regains his normal personality and is a fun loving charming person. Jason is quite resourceful and can find ways to find ways to indulge in his addictions, something which the rehabilitation center hasn't quite found out how he is able to do this. Jason has been going to the rehab for several years but didn't interact with people often because of his antics. Jason has become better at handling his withdrawal and has now decided to interact with the other people in the rehabilitation center.

+Games +Drugs
+Sex +Music
+Technology +Security
+Guitar +Holidays

-Withdrawal -Rehab Security
-Celebrities in Rehab -Ignorance
-Studying -Explosive Tempers
-Violence -School

Brief History
"You... don't want to know." Jason didn't have a difficult childhood, he has a pretty normal life. He was naturally intelligent and his happy personality and charisma gained him many friends. His great personality was also one of the reasons for his current addictions. Jason was extremely popular and went to every single party that happened in his school. At one of these parties Jason had been given some questionable substances which turned out to be drugs. Becoming addicted to them after constant use Jason was finally caught and sent to rehab. While in rehab Jason gained a love for music and technology, creating his helmet in his spare time. After his first year Jason was deemed to have gotten over his addiction and had been let out of the rehab. But he was soon taken back in after Jason had gained two new addictions; computer gaming and sex. Now not many people would connect the two of those addictions together but oddly enough it was how Jason gained those addictions. Jason had started playing computer games after gaining his love for technology and had become quite good at them. Playing MMORPGs Jason's charisma was visible and he had gained a lot of friends, girl friends. Jason then met girls he met online and had sexual experiences with each one. Jason then continued to play computer games to find more girls to have sex with. This cycle of addictive destruction was caught on by his old rehabilitation center and he was taken back in. Now Jason has lived in the rehabilitation center for a few years keeping his distance from the other addicts. Recently Jason has become more open and now attends classes with the rest of the people.

After living in the rehabilitation center for several years Jason has remodeled the interior of the room. Instead of wood floors there are white tiles, the wall is covered with black paint and neon paint. The room has strobe black lit lights which gives the feel of a rave party. Jason has the same bed as everyone but has black blankets. Most of the furniture is modern in design and crafted by Jason during his spare time, which he had much of. He has several arcade machines and a closet full of dark clothing and neon colored clothes. Jason has several helmets with the same design and different colors. His bean bags are white and his closets are full of graphic novels. He has personally edited and designed his entire room, something which the rehabilitation center still hasn't understood how.

So begins...

Jason Mathews's Story