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Jeremiah Shávon Rowland


Name: Jeremiah Shávon Rowland
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Addiction or Disorder: Sex Addict, Alcohol Abuse, Violence

Appearance: Standing at 5’6” with a beautiful milky caramel color skin tone, Jeremiah constantly tans and works out. He has beautiful amber colored eyes; the correct terminology being hazel. He keeps himself well-manicured; as such, he is hardly ever seen with facial hair. His hair is silken in texture and black in color often times with highlights of various colors thrown in. He is mixed. He is half Puerto Rican and half Caucasian. His Puerto Rican heritage is very present in his voice. He has a Latino accent that is to die for. His hair is always in a different style. Sometimes he will grow it out and allow it to hit his shoulder, and sometimes he will cut it close. He has two piercings in both ears like his cousin, but he only wears hoops. He has his tongue pierced and his belly button pierced. He has a single tattoo on his body, and it sits just above his manhood and is ever present when he wears low rider jeans. This particular tattoo is that of a phoenix.

Personality: Jeremiah is a fighter, but a very intelligent fighter. He believes in settling disputes with his fist. He doesn’t take kindly to disrespect, and will put someone in their place if he has to. He loves listening to music, and has a very beautiful voice. He plays the guitar on his spare time. Because of his OCD, he has to be perfect in most if not all the things he does. He has to have things a certain way, and he is very picky about the people he associates himself with. He doesn’t act snobbish towards others, but he can sometimes talk condescendingly. He is very talkative, voicing his opinion even without being asked for it. When under the influence, Jeremiah is dangerous. He once stabbed a guy at a party, but his parents were able to cover it up. He lashes out at anyone near. He still has his fun, but he doesn’t like to get anywhere near alcohol. In regards to sex, at first he was unprotected, but now he is very protective about that area of his life. If something annoys him, he will speak up about it. He doesn’t lie, and he doesn’t sugar coat his words. Often time people dislike him because he speaks the truth.

Playing Sports

Disorder and Chaos

Brief History: Jeremiah is the cousin of Jared Knowles on his mother’s side. Jared’s mother is Jeremiah’s aunt and vice versa. Jeremiah was admitted to Gold Canyon Rehab Center three years before Jared. Born to Elizabeth, a Stock Broker, and Jacob, a wealthy entrepreneur on August 15, he was an adorable baby, weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces. At a young age, Jeremiah was diagnosed with OCD. He just had to have things clean, perfect, and in order, so much so that his parents became worried. All throughout his school years, he was an A plus student, never missing a day of school. They felt that his OCD would get in the way of him blossoming into a young adult. Around the age of 12, Jeremiah started drinking, having sex and fighting. He’d watch online porn and have sex with random guys he met on the street. He’d fight at school and get out of school suspension for weeks at a time, but he always managed to keep his grades up. The adrenaline that came with sleeping with someone you didn’t know was a thrill for him. Of course, he’d only have sex with guys his age or two years older, but no more than that. Around his 15 birthday, his alcohol drinking, sex addiction, and fighting got out of hand. He started lashing out at his parents, cursing, and acting way out of line. His parents saw to it that he was admitted to Gold Canyon Rehab Center. He has been here for two years and has mellowed out a lot since his arrival.

Crush: Egan Henderson


Jeremiah's Room

His room is nearly identical to Jared's, the only exception being his wallpaper which is a solid color instead of a mix. Everything is in the exact same place.

Wall: ... 00x366.jpg (the neon colors are not present on Jeremiah's wall, instead they are replaced with different shades of gray/grey.)

Bed: ... -bed-3.jpg

Floor: ... ess_ad.jpg

Nightstand: ... 919-ET.jpg {color in conjunction with wall paper and bed}

Table: {located against the wall in the middle of the room}

Wall Decorations:
Poster = ... design.jpg
Clock = ... Clocks.png

Bookcase and Desk: ... -Uffix.jpg

Closet: ... 33x393.jpg

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Jeremiah Shávon Rowland's Story