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a character in “Gold Canyon Rehab Center”, as played by candykitten

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Name: Nina Armon


Age: 18

Gender: Female

Addiction or Disorder: Alcohol Abuse, Sex addiction, and Anorexia

Appearance: She's 5'4" and very skinny, due to her anorexia. She is also very pale, and has deep sapphire blue eyes. She her lobes pierced and a bar through her right ear, as well as a belly button piercing.

Personality: She has a very conflicting and confusing personality. She outgoing, yet quiet and reserved. She loves parties as much as she loves sitting at home alone watching tv. Many think she suffers from Bipolar or Multiple Personality Disorder, but any test done on her come up negative for both.

Crush: Jared

  • Strawberries
  • Anime
  • Parties/Raves
  • Writing
  • Tea
  • Summer
  • Napping
  • Lazy days

  • People who don't believe her
  • Winny People
  • Winter
  • Stressful Days
  • Homework
  • Cravings

Brief History: Nina grew up in a normal family. No tragedies, and was a straight A student. However when she entered High School things changed. She hung out with what her parents call "the wrong crowd," and started picking up their habits. At first it started by going to raves and drinking. But soon she starting drinking more than at raves. One night she went to a party and had way to much to drink. She ended up sleeping with some guy she didn't know, and she loved the thrill of it. She started doing more often, both at raves and parties, with any guy or girl that was willing. Soon though, the preps at her school started to pick at her looks, saying that she was fat and ugly, they didn't know what she was doing at these parties though. Their words sunk into Nina's sink and soon she stopped eating and worked out more, being ever so careful as to not eat more than she was burning. Her parents soon caught on to what was going on and sent her to Gold Canyon Rehab Center, knowing that it would be the best place for her.


Bed Room
(Looks like the room layout without the table in the seating area)

Bed ... all-duvets ... ve-pillows (The light blue one) ... r-view-all (around the bed, on the wall)

Bed side table ... ide-tables (The white one) ... -lampshttp ... ccessories (blue)

Seating area ... =cbeanbags ... r-view-all (On the wall) ... r-view-all (Around the white board)

Desk Area
Desk ~ ... esks-study
Chair ~ ... esk-chairs (blue)
Lamp ~ ... able-lamps (Blue)
On Desk ~ ... ccessories
Above Desk ~ ... n-view-all ... s-stickers

Storage Unit Next to closet ... ccessories
~ (Black)
~ (Black) ... up-mirrors (Blue) ... up-mirrors (blue) ... up-mirrors (She takes this to the bathroom for showering) ... up-mirrors (Blue, 3 of these) ... ccessories (black) ... ry-storage ... ry-storage

In the Closet ... y-bags-all ... rts-trunks (Blue, 2 of these)

So begins...

Nina Armon's Story