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Beep Beep Beep Beep. "Shut up" Adalya mumbled as she reached over to hit the off button on her alarm clock. She laid flat on her back looking up at where the ceiling would be, if she could see in her pitch black room. After a minute of laying there she slowly sat up in her bed, scratching the back of her head and looking around her room once she was fully sitting up. "What to wear?" She questioned herself. She swung her legs off her bed and then walked over to her closet. She dug around for awhile, until she found some clothes to wear today. She didn't feel like going o the bathroom to get ready to so she changed into her outfit and did her make up in her room. "7:20. Ok, I'll go to the bathroom really quick, and then off to breakfast." She told herself, grabbing her bag and books off her desk.

She walked into the bathroom and saw some of the other girls in there getting ready for the day. "Morning ladies" she said, going into one of the bathroom stalls. She did her business, washed her hands and then waved goodbye to the girls, heading downstairs to the cafeteria. She saw a couple of people had beat her there, but for the most part it was empty. She picked up a tray and then starred at the breakfast buffet. There was fruit, cereal, pancakes, french toast, toast, eggs, and various other things. Adalya sort of cringed looking at all of the food. She didn't know where to start, so she started with the fruit. She grabbed a small bowl of mixed fruits, then worked her way down the buffet line, picking up: strawberry yogurt, two granola bars, a small dish of eggs with some cheddar cheese on top, and ended by getting a cup of orange juice. She looked around the cafeteria for a place to sit, and found an open table. She sat down and began eating her food, slowly. "Hey Ada, can I sit here?" Came a chipper voice. She looked up to see Nina standing above her. She liked Nina, and she liked the fact that Nina doesn't talk much when she's eating. "Yeah, of course Nina." She said, and then watched Nina sit down across from her.


Nina rolled over to turn off the chirping of her alarm clock, sitting up in her bed after she did so. She looked around her room, with a tired look still on her face. She didn't want to get up, she wanted to go back to sleep, but she swung her legs off the side of her bed and got up anyways. She digged through her closest, trying to find something to wear. She knew she wanted to wear shorts because the weather report said that it would be about 85 degrees today. She didn't mind hot weather, matter of fact she loved it. She put on her outfit then grabbed her make up and jewelry and then headed to the bathroom. She liked the light in the bathroom better than the one in her room, so she mainly did her make up in the bathroom, unless she was feeling lazy and then she did it in her room. "Morning" she said to the couple of other girls there already, and got a couple of mornings back. She quietly did her make up and put on her jewelry, not saying much to anyone around her. Due to her still being tired she didn't talk very much. As she was putting in her earrings Adalya had come into the bathroom. "Morning ladies" she said. Nina turned her head slightly and replied "Morning Ada." Ada left as Nina was doing some of the final touches to look, and then left the bathroom to head back to her room. She put her make up away and then put her books into her bag, and then head down to the cafeteria.

Once there she grabbed a tray and put her breakfast on it. She didn't like big meals so she didn't put much on her tray. She grabbed a small bowl of fruit, a small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and a cup of apple juice. She looked around the room for a moment and then saw Ada sitting all alone. She walked over to the table, and before sitting down she asked "Hey Ada, can I sit here?" Ada looked up, smiled and said "Yeah, of course Nina." Nina sat down and they ate their breakfast quietly.

(Their outfits, Ada on the left and Nina on the right. )