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The finest rehab center in all of the United States. This is the only rehab center built just for teens. (ACCEPTING!!)

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Jason Mathews

Laying on top of his bed Jason stared up at his ceiling, waiting for a signal to tell him what time it was. His room was completely dark and silent, like it was most of the time. Suddenly Daft Punk's "Robot Rock" started to play, breaking the silence. At that moment all the rooms black lit light's began to strobe to the tune of the song, making Jason's once dark room full of life, music, and color. Jason's room was a rave party waiting to happen, something he was most proud of. It had taken almost a year to fully complete his room, a feat which was unheard of inside of the Gold Canyon Rehab Center, the staff still did not know how he gained access to all of the equipment. He would never tell them how he does what he does and they won't ask because his rehabilitation has been going really well. Jason then got up from his bed and walked over to his closet wardrobe, which lit up with neon lights when he opened it. Dressing himself in a blacklight tie-dye shirt, black hoodie, white khakis, and black chuck taylors. He then walked over to a desk which had several helmets on top of it. Moving his blonde hair away from the front of his face Jason then placed one of the helmets over his head. Now dressed Jason walked towards the door, opening the door and exited from his room. Once he closed the door the music stopped playing and all of the lights in his room turned off. "Best way to start a day."

Once out of his room Jason's stomach began to growl, making Jason walk towards the cafeteria. While walking towards the cafeteria he came across two staff security members, both which were looking at Jason with confused faces. Jason didn't leave his room much in the past year, he didn't want to bother going out of his room until he had finished renovating it. He had kept up with all his school work and had kept his addictions in check so there was not much need for him to go far from his room. Today he had decided that he would go back to the classes and socialize with the other people in the rehab center. The security members didn't like Jason much since he made fools of them by being able to get anything he wanted from the outside, something which they hate about him. One of the security guards tried to say something to Jason, but he was currently playing music inside his helmet and was unable to hear what they were talking about. Jason was really good at reading lips though and what the security guard said seemed to make Jason laugh. Placing a photograph on the security guard's shirt Jason continued to walk towards the cafeteria. The security guard was now shocked and sweating a little, which made Jason smile, not that anyone could tell.

Now inside the cafeteria Jason grabbed a tray and put his breakfast on it. Since he was hungry he placed a lot of food on the tray. Once he had finished grabbing his food he walked over towards those who were already sitting in the cafeteria. Jason then moved the tinted visor on his helmet up enough so that he could eat his food, while still keeping his face unseen to those who looked at him. Moving his visor though made the music he was listening to able to be heard by everyone else there. Not really wishing to talk Jason just sat at the table, eating his breakfast.